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Economics Of Non-Governmental Organizations

United Nations |  | What is the first thing that comes to mind when the term NGO appears? Well, many will respond, the United Nations. Directly from a UN site is their definition for Non-governmental organizations. How uplifting and benign the altruistic effort, the deep-seated purpose and intention of such associations, frequently projects that noble endeavors need to enhance the ...Read More »

The UN Tried To Mess With Trump, But They Ended Up With A $285 Million Budget Reduction Instead

United Nations |  | When are people going to learn that you don’t mess with Trump?  Over the past several decades, the United Nations has grown into a vast bureaucratic monstrosity that is completely out of control, but previous administrations have just kept feeding the beast.  Thankfully, we now have a president that is not afraid to stand up ...Read More »

Spurious UN Report on Civilian Death Toll in Mosul

United Nations |  | The UN provides cover for US imperial wars, failing to condemn them, supporting them through silence about high crimes committed in one country after another, suppressing information about millions of casualties. Mosul was raped and destroyed, not liberated. Months of US-led terror-bombing turned the city into a wasteland, indiscriminately massacring thousands of civilians, maybe tens ...Read More »

More Serial Human Rights Abusers Elected to UN Human Rights Council

United Nations |  | By Joseph Klein, Canada Free Press |    The United Nations General Assembly on Monday elected 15 member states to the UN Human Rights Council for the 2018-2020 term, including such notorious human rights abusers as Qatar, Angola, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Member states considered eligible for membership on the ...Read More »

Trump’s UN Reform Declaration

United Nations |  |     Putin wasn’t invited to Trump’s UN reform meeting, Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov explained, convened ahead of the General Assembly’s 72nd session, an unacceptable snub.   A handful of countries alone got to participate, ones willing to sign Trump’s 10-point plan. Upper house Federation Council Defense and Security Committee First Deputy head Franz Klintsevich ...Read More »

UN Treaty Bans Nuclear Weapons

United Nations |  | On Thursday, 122 UN member states adopted the first ever treaty banning nuclear weapons. It’s legally-binding when taking effect – without an enforcement mechanism to assure compliance. The treaty states “(e)ach State Party undertakes never under any circumstances to…develop, test, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.” All ...Read More »

UN Using Ethereum Blockchain and Iris Scanning Technologies to Distribute Funds to Refugees

United Nations |  | By: Michael del Castillo, Coindesk.com | Starting today, the United Nations (UN) will begin distributing funds to thousands of people in Jordan as part of a trial using the ethereum blockchain. For the next month, cryptographically unique coupons representing an undisclosed number of Jordanian dinars will be sent to dozens of shops in five refugee camps across the nation. Then, ...Read More »

UN Child Sex Ring Left Victims But No Arrests

United Nations |  | By: AP News | In the ruins of a tropical hideaway where jetsetters once sipped rum under the Caribbean sun, the abandoned children tried to make a life for themselves. They begged and scavenged for food, but they never could scrape together enough to beat back the hunger, until the U.N. peacekeepers moved in a ...Read More »

Trump Defunds Agency Responsible For Implementing Population Control Agenda Of The United Nations

United Nations |  | All over the world, the United Nations Population Fund has been promoting abortion and sterilization as ways to slow down the rate at which the population of the planet is growing.  In some cases, the United Nations Population Fund has actually partnered with countries that have conducted forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations.  In other words, ...Read More »

The Global Famine Begins: UN Announces Worst Food Crisis Since WWII Happening Now

United Nations |  | We always knew that this would start happening.  Earlier this month, I wrote about the severe economic problems that are plaguing South America, but up to this point I have neglected to discuss the horrific famines that are breaking out all over Africa.  Right now there is a desperate need for food in South Sudan, ...Read More »

Global Governors Have Purposely Failed To Curb Poverty

United Nations |  | Poverty, hunger and instability are not consequences of a polarized world, but the result of policies implemented by industrialists and bankers to force the poor to live in misery. Eradicating poverty and misery is cheaper than maintaining it. This reality is well-known by those in power. Yet, year in and year out, the ‘governors’ of ...Read More »

Facebook's Zuckerberg Quotes Lincoln, Quietly Declares War On America! (VIDEO)

United Nations |  | For several years now I’ve been tracking the increasingly bold actions and statements being put out by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and warning Americans of a pattern (of actions) that looked mighty suspicious to me. Well, here we are past February of 2017 and everything I’ve been suspecting about Zuckerberg is all coming to pass. ...Read More »

Who’s Coming to Syria Peace Talks?

United Nations |  | On January 23, after Trump succeeds Obama, peace talks begin in Astana, Kazakhstan. Who’s coming remains uncertain until delegations arrive and it’s known which parties are involved. ISIS and al-Nusra are excluded from talks. Key terrorist group Ahrar al-Sham said it’s not coming, while supporting other anti-government forces intending to participate. The UN may serve ...Read More »

Has Trump Sold Out to UN's Carbon Tax Scheme? (VIDEO)

United Nations |  | By: Barry Soetoro |   Is Trump suddenly pushing the ‘carbon tax’ scam? Trump knows ‘global warming’ is a hoax to defraud you based on fictional ‘climate change’, but will he stop the fraud — or help rob you? Trump’s pick for Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson) was CEO of Exxonmobil. Can global crooks keep ...Read More »

Agenda 21 – How Would You Like To Be Forced Into A Human Habitat?

United Nations |  | Agenda 21 is approaching. Communism is coming to America and the world, this time cloaked in green, not red. Private property is under attack. Land is being grabbed by stealth. The US Federal Government is claiming control over more and more land, and kicking rightful owners off their property through the use of Eminent Domain, ...Read More »

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