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The Phony Iranian Threat

War Propaganda |  | Washington invents threats to justify its unjustifiable imperial agenda. Israel operates the same way. Palestinians wanting freedom on their own land in their own country are called terrorists. Netanyahu lied calling Iran a greater threat than ISIS. It threatens no other country. Addressing the extremist pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) on September ...Read More »

US Airlifts ISIS Commanders and Fighters from Deir Ezzor, Syria

War Propaganda |  |     ISIS and other terrorist groups couldn’t exist without foreign backing. America, NATO, Israel and their rogue allies provide weapons, munitions, and other material support.    Media scoundrels suppress what’s going on, pretending US war on terror is real. It’s a colossal hoax.   Washington and its allies deploy terrorist forces to locations where ...Read More »

The Disturbing Aftermath of 9/11

War Propaganda |  |     The day will live in infamy, the attacks planned well in advance. Bin Laden and so-called “crazed Arabs” had nothing to do with destroying the twin towers and striking the Pentagon.   The Big Lie persists. Most Americans no longer believe the the 9/11 whitewash commission’s official account of what happened.   Bin ...Read More »

A North Korean H-Bomb? Another Nuclear Test?

War Propaganda |  | Pyongyang claimed it developed a hydrogen bomb miniaturized enough to fit atop a ballistic missile, according to its KCNA news agency. Kim Jong-un was quoted saying his country has a “thermonuclear weapon with super explosive power made by our own efforts and technology. All components of the H-bomb were 100 per cent domestically made.” KCNA ...Read More »

Former Head of Israeli Military Intelligence Urges US War on North Korea

War Propaganda |  | Current and former lunatics reside in Israel – much like their counterparts in America. Former Israeli air force general, military attache to Washington, and head of IDF military intelligence Amos Yadlin urged Trump to wage preemptive war on North Korea to destroy its nuclear capability – provided a DPRK retaliatory strike could be prevented. “Excellent ...Read More »

US Evacuating ISIS Terrorists from Tal Afar

War Propaganda |  | Last year, during the battle for Mosul, Washington opened a corridor to redeploy thousands of ISIS fighters cross-border to Syria. It’s happening in Tal Afar, Iraq. According to Al Sumaria Iraqi satellite TV, citing an unnamed local source, ISIS terrorists evacuated its Tal Afar headquarters in late July, saying: “IS has carried out emergency evacuations ...Read More »

Bright Light of 9/11 Truth Shines THROUGH Trump Afghanistan Speech- Is There Still Hope?

War Propaganda |  | There were several things that stood out to me about the recent president Trump Afghanistan speech. Some good and some bad. The bad part of the speech was best expressed by former Intelligence and counter Intelligence insider, former diplomat, former presidential adviser and Psychiatrist doctor Steve Pieczenik who often appears on Alex Jones’ show offering inside ...Read More »

North Korea Escalates with a Missile Over Japan; Citizens Warned to Take Cover

War Propaganda |  | The Pentagon and the Japanese national news station (source) have both confirmed that North Korea fired a missile over Japan at 5:57 am local time. (That’s 4:57 pm Eastern Standard Time.) Officials say the missile was launched from Pyongyang. When the missile was detected, the citizens of Japan were alerted to take cover. The Japanese ...Read More »

Trump’s Afghan Strategy: Forever War and Occupation

War Propaganda |  |   Trump’s Monday address on Afghanistan didn’t surprise. What a difference an election makes! In 2013, he tweeted: “We should have a speedy withdrawal” from Afghanistan. “Why should we keep wasting our money – rebuild the US!” In 2014, he denounced Obama for “keeping our soldiers in Afghanistan for at least another year. He is ...Read More »

The CIA and Hollywood

War Propaganda |  | Joseph McBride is an American film historian, biographer, screenwriter, and professor in the Cinema Department at San Francisco State University. McBride has published eighteen books since 1968, including acclaimed biographies of Frank Capra, John Ford, and Steven Spielberg. His most recent work is “Two Cheers for Hollywood“, which reveals the past and present propaganda uses ...Read More »

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

War Propaganda |  | By: Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research |  Washington’s Hidden Agenda: Restore the Drug Trade. First published in 2005, updated in January 2015 and April 2017 Author’s Note Afghanistan’s opium economy is a multibillion dollar operation which feeds the surge of US heroin market which is currently the object of debate and public concern.  In the course ...Read More »

US and UK Supplied CWs to Terrorists in Syria

War Propaganda |  |     Numerous accusations by Washington and its rogue allies about Syria using chemical weapons were fabricated. Earlier, Saudi Arabia was caught red-handed supplying terrorists in Syria with CWs. So was Turkey, discovered shipping toxic sarin gas cross-border. Perhaps Jordan and Israel supplied CWs. Both countries support ISIS and other terrorist groups. Syrian forces never ...Read More »

China and Russia Warn Against Attacking North Korea

War Propaganda |  | The DPRK threatens no one. Attacking it would be madness, threatening millions on the Korean peninsula. The Trump administration eschews diplomacy, refusing to respect Pyongyang’s sovereignty. Making belligerent threats risks something much more serious. Last week, Sergey Lavrov called the risk of war on the peninsula “very high,” adding “(w)e hear direct threats to use ...Read More »

Korean War Part II: Why It's Probably Going To Happen

War Propaganda |  | Though a lot of people in my line of work (alternative economic and geopolitical analysis) tend to be accused of “doom mongering,” I have to say personally I am not a big believer in “doom.” At least, not in the way that the accusation insinuates. I don’t believe in apocalypse, Armageddon or the end of ...Read More »

Challenging America’s Military Madness

War Propaganda |  | Candidate Trump argued against interventionism. He criticized wasting trillions of dollars on warmaking, creating a mess in multiple theaters, depriving the country of vitally needed revenue for homeland needs. President Trump proved he’s the latest in a long line of warrior presidents – escalating Obama’s wars, planning new ones if he dares launch them, saber-rattling ...Read More »

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