War Propaganda

War Propaganda

Why Elites Love Drones

By: Robert J. Burrowes |  I sometimes read that drone strikes are counterproductive to western security interests because each person killed by a drone results in more new ‘terrorists’. See, for example, ‘The more civilians US drones kill in the Mideast, the more radicals they create’. http://rt.com/op-edge/252705-drone-operation-us-strategy-military/. However, this analysis completely fails to understand what

'And The War Just Keeps On Comin'

Op Ed Commentary – Every high school student should be made to read Orwell’s 1984, and then discuss its relevance today. Imagine that he had it published in 1949, now 66 years before we currently have more Newspeak (government misinformation and embedded media), our own Ministry of Truth (Dept. of Homeland Security), and of course

World Armies Preparing For Armageddon: Jade Helm CopyCat Drills Gone Global: China, Russia, Europe, Canada, Japan…It’s Not Begun It’s Here! (VIDEOS)

The world’s armies are readying themselves for an epic Armageddon battle! From Canada’s Project Maple, to Americans Jade Helm, to Europe’s NATO drills, to Chinese and Russian naval war games. Countries are drilling and preparing their troops for battle, and these drills are among the LARGEST drills yet to be initiated! They are preparing for

US Wars Kill Mostly Civilians

  Post-9/11 alone, millions of civilians perished in US direct and proxy wars. They were either in harm’s way, deliberately targeted, or perished from war related violence, preventable diseases or deprivation. Washington, like Israel, considers noncombatant civilians legitimate targets. International law calls killing them a war crime. Obama’s Iraq war and Syria bombing aren’t against

Nightmares From Vietnam Are Not Over Yet

Up until the invasion of Iraq, Vietnam was probably the deadliest example of mass murder in a non-war combat event. Vietnam was not a war, although it is often labeled as such, because there were never two contending sides. The only contender was the American Army. On the other side, there were the Vietnamese people.

Obama Threatens China With Nuclear Weapons

  No nation in world history ever threatened humanity’s survival more than America. None operates more recklessly. Lunatics in charge wage endless wars of aggression against nonbelligerent countries. Peace and stability are verboten. Direct and proxy wars rage and more are planned. In six years in office, Obama waged preemptive wars of aggression against seven

War Of Terror Is A Reichstag Fire False Flag Operation

By now, you are probably worn out from all the speculation about the actual events in Pakistan that claim the death of the public enemy No 1. No photos of a dead Osama bin Laden, burial at sea, instant DNA results and changing versions with every new news report gets old quickly. The claim that

Obama-Authorized Murder By Drones

  Obama-authorized drone killings are cold-blooded murder by any standard – mostly affecting noncombatant civilians, innocent men, women and children in harm’s way. Former Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney lied calling drone strikes “precise, lawful and effective.” They’re indiscriminate and lawless. They accomplish no geopolitical objectives. They arouse great public anger in targeted

Raising The Flag Of False Flags

Op Ed Commentary – Each morning I walk throughout my quiet neighborhood here in Central Florida noticing more and more homes with giant U.S. flags hanging from the garage tops. Occasionally, if I know the neighbor with the flag, I ask what is the reason he or she keeps it up so long. The answer

Worse Than Williams: NBC, Richard Engel And Their Fake Syrian Kidnapping Story

21st Century Wire says… “Syria is one of the biggest propaganda schemes of our time. When the dust settles, if it does, it will be revealed” – Professor AbuKhalil “Journalists are never real journalists if they are agents of power no matter how they disguise that role.” – John Pilger As bad as those ‘war

Legacy Of War

By: Robert J. Burrowes – As the world continues to engage in various commemorations in relation to World War I, Australia approaches the centenary anniversary of a defining event in the nation’s history: ANZAC Day. On 25 April 1915, and for many days after, Australia suffered savage losses at Gallipoli in Turkey. Sometimes when we

Treason Is Not Patriotic

The Patriot Act is pure treason.   What don’t you understand about the meaning of treason?  The entire purpose for the creation of America is based upon defeating despotism, limiting government on all levels and advancing liberty for individuals.  The State is an unfortunate reality, it needs to be feared and controlled.  Patriotic protection of oppressive

Syria Falsely Accused Of Using Chemical Weapons - Again

Throughout years of Obama’s war on Syria, President Bashar al-Assad was falsely accused of using chemical weapons (CWs) numerous times. No corroborating evidence whatever indicates Syrian forces used them in any form any time. Clear evidence shows IS, Nusra Front and other anti-Syrian elements used them them against defenseless civilians – including toxic agents Saudi

Obama’s Wars Murder Noncombatant Men, Women And Children

Neocon lunatics in Washington consider it a small price to pay. International law calls it the highest of high crimes. In the 1960s, Vietnam war protesters chanted “Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?” Obama way exceeds his ruthlessness – murdering and maiming noncombatants in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Donbass, Palestinians complicit

Saudi-Led Invasion Of Yemen Begins

When American or US proxy forces wage naked aggression against other countries it’s called liberating them. When nations being attacked defend themselves, they’re called terror states. On April 2, Reuters reported “dozens of unidentified troops land(ing) by sea in Aden…” Perhaps ahead of mass Saudi-led invasion plans. Houthi political council member Daifullah Shami told Sputnik News

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