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Did NASA Really Send Astronauts 1000 Times Farther Than They Can Today - 50 Years Ago?

War Propaganda |  | Have you ever wondered why they claimed to have walked on the moon in 1969, on the very first attempt, even though right here on earth Mt. Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success, allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with fifty year older technology (a cell phone has one million times more ...Read More »

‘Indispensable Nation’ ‘Colludes’ with Land of ‘Chosen People’ to Blame Wrong Country for ‘State Sponsored Terror’

War Propaganda |  | We live in an absurd political climate these days, a reflection of all the fakery that surrounds us, living as we all do in a Matrix of illusion. Occasionally the fakery hits a point where it’s hard not to have some kind of reaction, be it anger, groans of despair or uncontrollable fits of laughter. ...Read More »

Does the Trump Regime Intend War on Iran?

War Propaganda |  | Trump and regime hardliners running his geopolitical agenda are hellbent for replacing Iranian sovereign independence with US-controlled fascist tyranny. Bush/Cheney neocons prepared war plans to attack Iran, updated over time, not implemented so far. Covert US/Israeli anti-Iran destabilizing actions have been ongoing for years. Trump regime political, economic, financial, sanctions, and propaganda war on the ...Read More »

Reports of US Syria Pullout Greatly Exaggerated

War Propaganda |  | Since Trump announced the pullout of US forces from Syria on December 19, not a single Pentagon military personnel was withdrawn. All that’s happened so far is the movement of equipment around on the Middle East chessboard, redeploying it, clearly not pulling out. Pentagon spokesman Col. Sean Ryan lied saying the so-called coalition (meaning 95% ...Read More »

Pompeo in Cairo

War Propaganda |  | After meeting with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo, Egypt’s strongman illegitimate president, a despot ruling by iron-fisted brute force, tolerating no criticism or opposition, Pompeo gave an Orwellian address, titled “A Force for Good: America’s Reinvigorated Role in the Middle East” – a shameless perversion of regional reality. His remarks were reminiscent of Obama’s hollow ...Read More »

Turkish and Israeli Aggression in Syria

War Propaganda |  | Trump’s pullout announcement changed nothing. The US came to Syria to stay – 18 or more Pentagon bases built for permanent occupation, new ones being constructed, including cross-border in Iraq. Israel continues its undeclared war on the Syrian Arab Republic – terror-bombing targets at its discretion, largely from Lebanese airspace – Russia doing nothing to ...Read More »

Trump Regime’s No-Pullout/Pullout from Syria

War Propaganda |  | US forces deployed worldwide came to stay, especially in war zones and nations of greatest strategic importance – except where ruling authorities prohibit deployment of foreign forces on their territory. Pompeo and Bolton run the Trump regime’s geopolitical agenda, along with the Pentagon’s joint chiefs of staff. It’s a formula for endless wars in multiple ...Read More »

Pentagon Considers Illegally Occupied Syrian Areas US Territory

War Propaganda |  | Bipartisan hardliners in Washington consider all areas occupied by Pentagon forces virtual US territory, subject to its will under its rules, defying the sovereign rights of nations, fundamental international law, and its own Constitution. Northern and southern parts of Syrian territory are illegally occupied by US forces, intending to stay indefinitely. More on this below. ...Read More »

U.S. Responsible for 3,300 Civilian Deaths in Syria, Supporting Genocide in Yemen (VIDEO)

War Propaganda |  |   BY BEN SWANN, TRUTH IN MEDIA |  A new report finds that the U.S is responsible for more than 3,300 civilian deaths in Syria since 2014. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to back Saudi caused genocide in Yemen. Lets give it all a Reality Check. Read More »

The War to End War 100 Years On: An Evaluation and Reorientation of our Resistance to War

War Propaganda |  | British author and social commentator H.G. Wells may have coined the expression that originally popularized World War I as The War that Will End War, as his book, based on articles written during that vast military conflict, was titled. In any case, in one version or another, the expression was one of the most common ...Read More »

Love It Or Leave It

War Propaganda |  | Editor’s note: This article was first published on February 3, 2015. It is just as pertinent today. A half century ago the infamous and timeworn trope coming from the supporters of the Viet Nam War was all over the airwaves. “Love It or Leave It” was the standard retort from the gung-ho believers to the ...Read More »

Saudis Escalate Terror-Bombing in Yemen After Hollow US Call for Ceasefire

War Propaganda |  | Yemen is Washington’s war, wanting it continued endlessly, not stopped. US war secretary Mattis’ call for ceasefire days earlier was willful deception. He’s part of the problem, in charge of all US wars of aggression, no prospect of ending any of them. World peace and stability defeat Washington’s agenda, why multiple wars rage, other countries ...Read More »

Are Trump Regime Hardliners Heading for War on Iran?

War Propaganda |  | Was the Trump regime’s JCPOA pullout and harsh sanctions prelude for something far more aggressive – aiming to weaken and try toppling Iran’s government forcefully? Most world community nations oppose Trump’s unacceptable and illegal toughness on Iran. Israel, its lobby, the Saudis, and their key regional allies support US hardline extremism on a nation threatening ...Read More »

War Secretary Mattis Says Assad Must Go

War Propaganda |  | In March 2011, the Obama regime launched naked aggression in Syria for regime change, the US objective unchanged under Trump. The pro-war US Institute of Peace (USIP) is chaired by Bush/Cheney’s neocon national security adviser Stephen Hadley, the same post now held by extremist John Bolton. Other USIP officials and so-called “experts” comprise a rogue’s ...Read More »

War in Yemen Rages After Hollow US Call for Ceasefire

War Propaganda |  | Yemen is Washington’s war, begun by Bush/Cheney in October 2001, raging with no prospect for resolution as long as US regimes want it continued endlessly. The Saudis and UAE partnered with Washington’s imperial agenda throughout the region – their terror-bombing done with US, UK, French, and other Western warplanes and munitions. Ongoing conflicts are part ...Read More »

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