Sugar is 8 Times More Addictive than Cocaine

Sugar is 8 Times More Addictive than Cocaine | sugar-harmful | General Health Medical & Health Special Interests

(The Real Agenda News) People don’t have sugar cravings, they have sugar addiction. That is the bitter truth about sugar.

Just as cocaine addicts do, sugar addicts also reject the notion that they are hooked to the sweet drug, but recent and not so recent research reveals that sugar has the power to make people even more dependent to it that illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin can.

If the food industry, at some point along the way, meant to keep people dependent on sugar, they succeded in an extraodinary way.

Most canned or boxed food is infested with artificial sweeteners or with large amounts of refined sugar that do nothing else than activate the same kind of “positive” neurological reaction than cocaine does in drug addicts, except that sugar does it even better.

A History of Lies and Disease

In the early 1960s, evidence began to accumulate that sugar consumption was related to metabolic disorder and heart disease.

In 1965, the Foundation for Sugar Research, created and financed by the sugar industry, paid off the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most influential medical journals, to publish a technical article that discarded those results.

By 1970, the same pseudo-scientific foundation paid for experiments on animals with the intention of demonstrating the healthiness of their product.

When the results were the opposite of those expected, the foundation aborted the project and prohibited scientists from publishing those results. And those harmful practices last until today.

The comparison with the tobacco industry jumps at sight. One of the great arguments that allowed lawyers hired by the White House to paper the tobacco companies – a blow they have not yet recovered from – was just the evidence that these companies had known for decades the damages of tobacco.

After everything was said and done, the public learned that the tobacco industry had hidden, if not perverted, with the most obscene disregard for public health, and with an exclusive focus on their economic interests, all evidence that smoking was dangerous to humans.

Facts revealed on the science of smoking completely disqualified them as solvent social agents.

The Sugar Industry follows the steps of the Tobacco Industry

Sugary soft drinks, buns and sweets will soon follow the same path, if history teaches us anything.

The analogy of sugar with tobacco has another interesting angle. It is unlikely that there is a single earthling right now who does not know that smoking harms one’s health. And yet we keep smoking.

Human beings are not governed, in general, by rational arguments. The truth helps to contain our insane tendencies, but it is not enough to exterminate them.

Give a mouse a lever that will give him cocaine, another one that will provide him with food, and you will be amazed how the mouse will choose to starve to get a good bump. We do not distinguish ourselves from beasts in that.

Losing the confidence of public opinion

Part of the pharmaceutical industry has incurred practices similar to those of tobacco and sugar, hiding the adverse results to their drugs, financing biased clinical trials and incurring in other bad practices that do not come from their scientific laboratories, but from their executive sharks.

If a company is not able to discern its ethics from its income statement, it does not deserve the public’s trust. The sugar lawyers have done a disservice to their employers, and an objective damage to the society that welcomes them swallowing buns and drinking poison.


Only true research, for all that we are seeing, can promote the quality science that we need.

Food companies are losing the confidence of public opinion.

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