The Supreme Court Just Eliminated The Fifth Amendment (PETITION)

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Think the end of DOMA or the Voting Rights Act will change the US? The Supreme Court just handed down a decision that rewrites the Constitution, claiming we have no Fifth Amendment protection unless we explicitly call for it.

Remaining silent no longer protects you from self-incrimination. In order to have your Constitutional rights asserted, you actually have to say, out loud, “I’m invoking my right to remain silent” — even if no Miranda rights have been read or arrests made.

This ruling implies the Fifth Amendment is not a right but a privilege, and one for the well-educated and best-informed at that.

We call on Congress to pass legislation overruling this as much as possible and requiring law enforcement to inform both witnesses and suspects of these maladjusted rights.

PETITION TO CONGRESS: We are appalled by the recent SCOTUS decision to gut the Fifth Amendment. We call on our lawmakers to pass legislation to re-establish our right to remain silent and require law enforcement to spread word of this awful change in the meantime.

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