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Sometime between Friday evening, February 12th, 2016 and Saturday morning, February 13th, 2016, Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia died, found so in his bed, into which he had retired early Friday evening after a hunting trip in Marfa Texas. His vacancy on the High Court leaves an exemplary split of ideological views perfectly reminiscent of the nation he served for twenty-nine and a half years.

As the popular vote demonstrated in the last two presidential elections, the United States is equally populated with both “conservatives” and “liberals”, virtually a tie at nearly fifty percent each. As a result of Scalia’s death, the Supreme Court now holds the same ambiguity, as there are four “conservative” justices and four “liberal” justices remaining. The reason the High Court has the odd number of nine judges, is so that there will never be a tie. With eight justices however, there can, and will, likely be a future tie. Under such circumstance, the legal protocol is to respect and implement the lower court’s, previously disputed, ruling as Supreme Law.

A Supreme Court justice is likely one of the most powerful people in the nation. Some think even more powerful than the president, as they are appointed for life, decades sometimes, and as a non-elected official, are less likely to be swayed by fads of public opinion. Additionally, as presidents’ edicts are often quickly overturned by their immediate successors, it is not so with the High Court. Once a matter is decided, a prompt challenge to such is considered disrespectful and wasteful of the court’s time, unless about half a century has passed. As such, the decisions of the Supreme Court often hold more longstanding weight than the executive orders of an eight year president.

Supreme Court decisions often result in Billions of industry dollars going from one party to another. As a professional hitman will kill someone for a mere ten thousand dollars, the death of such an influential person must be taken very, very seriously, even if the likely cause is “natural”. If the president died “in his sleep”, even if he were seventy-nine years old as Scalia was, surely, without a doubt, there would be an autopsy to confirm the cause of death and to rule out any possibility whatsoever of foul play. Yet surprisingly, this is not the case with Scalia. In fact, the residing Marfa Texas official, Cinderela Guevara, declared him dead without even examining his body, over the telephone from some distance away, and then confidently told the media afterwards, with such a thorough investigation having been conducted, that she was confident that he died of “natural causes.” Wow! I hope this is not the standard for evidence these days in the Supreme Court!

As we know that life imitates art, and art imitates life, the film and book “The Pelican Brief” should be taken as a sober warning to us all. In the story, two Supreme Court justices are assassinated to influence a future case the High Court had on its schedule. Because a tie in the real court would result in the law which is being contested being ruled as valid, the court’s future decisions could be solely affected by the removal of just one Supreme Court judge.

Legal scholars regularly predict the outcome of the High Court’s decisions regarding future cases with about ninety percent accuracy, due to the individual justices’ past rulings, commentaries, and ideological personalities. One must then examine which coming cases involve the most money and parties of questionable character in order to see a potential motive for influencing the court though such unscrupulous means as assassinating a Supreme Court judge and making it appear to be a “death by natural causes”.

The first of such cases which comes to mind is “Friedrichs vs. California Teachers association”. In the case, about fifty million annual dollars are at stake for California unions, who have been able to take this much each year in union dues from non-union members. If the ruling were to be overturned, as was likely to be the case with Scalia on the bench in a five to four vote, then not only would this individual union lose half a billion dollars every ten years, it would set a national precedent for numerous other unions to stop receiving their dues in a similarly unfair fashion. This could result in tens of billions of dollars of losses for the unions in the future.

Just as the Church of Rome had humble and honorable beginnings, which then turned into a cesspool of corruption over the years, the same could be said of unions. Though Scalia had the normal health issues of an elderly person, he obviously felt well enough to go hunting the day before he died. Witnesses reported that he was in optimum health for the occasion and did not overexert himself in any way.

The fact that such an important and influential person was declared dead of “natural causes” by a person over the telephone who was miles away at the time, and whom didn’t even examine his body, is a bit unusual to say the least, so is the immediate insistence that no autopsy be performed. Seeing how Scalia was one of the most influential persons in our nation, and billions of dollars may go into the hands of corrupt unions as a result of his death, it seems to me that an autopsy should be standard operating procedure for such a high official. The fact that it is not, is suspicious in and of itself, adding further weight that something is awry with his death.

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