Swiss Politician Explains The Negative Impacts Of Open Borders Policy

Swiss Politician Explains The Negative Impacts Of Open Borders Policy | Luzi-Stamm-402x300 | World News

Luzi Stamm is the Vice president of the People’s Party in Switzerland. He recently spoke about his country’s referendum results in which the nation closes the door to open borders.

Mr. Stamm not only made a clear difference between his country and the rest of Europe, but also spoke thoroughly about Switzerland immigration policy that is open to the arrival of immigrants, but that opposes what the European Union calls “freedom of movement”. The concept being pushed by the EU intends to flood nation-states with people from poorer European countries such as Romania, which would threaten the country’s political and economic stability.

The European Union has retaliated against Switzerland while threatening to suspend economic and trade negotiations that began before the referendum. “I think for the Swiss population this was very important indeed, because last years have shown that the immigration grew bigger and bigger, and it was Switzerland’s answer to say, Stop somewhere. We have a limit,” said Stamm on RT’s Sophie&Co television show.

The People’s Party VP also said that although he was in no position to criticize the EU, the bloc had made many mistakes that have caused the erosion of many nations that joined the political body as well as those that still haven’t done so, as is the case of Switzerland. One of the consequences that Stamm pointed to as a result of Brussels mistakes is the increase in radical groups across Europe.

The policies now being pushed by Brussels are the same initiatives that caused the United States to lose its manufacturing industry and to have around 50 million people on welfare. Those policies are also the cause of misery in Latin America, Spain, Italy, France and Greece.

The goal of imposing immigration policies for European countries, even if they aren’t part of the EU, is to confiscate and transfer wealth from developed nations into the pockets of the richest 1 percent by using banking entities and multinational corporations to concentrate power, resources and money, which later would supposedly be redistributed to the poorest in developing and underdeveloped countries.

Now, Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates of all industrialised countries, a situation that is bound to change with the arrival of masses of legal or illegal immigrants as it has happened in other nations. Foreigners account for around 23 percent of the population; almost a quarter of the total, or about 2 million people. In 2013, around 79 percent of the population aged 15 to 64 had a paid job, a reality that is surely to change if Switzerland were to open its border to free movement of people. “Free movement of persons says you have the right to install yourself permanently in a country,” said Stamm. “And no other independent country would do this,” he insisted.

Switzerland is widely recognised as an international research centre, with the private and public sector strongly promoting science and technology, which is why the country encourages the kind of immigrants that are capable and willing to add to the promotion of innovation, much like the United States and other developed nations have done. Today, Switzerland’s economy is based on highly skilled workers in specialist areas such as microtechnology, hi-tech, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, as well as banking and insurance. That is why and overflow of new workers would threaten job stability in the nation.


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