A Synthetic Soup Of Unnatural Nutrients

A Synthetic Soup Of Unnatural Nutrients | synthetic-ingredients | General Health Organic Market Classifieds Organics Petitions

Recent studies reveal convincing evidence that certain organic foods are nutritionally superior to their non-organic counterparts.

That’s no surprise, in a world where non-organic food is genetically engineered, irradiated, soaked in pesticides, fertilized with chemicals or sewage sludge, teaming with antibiotic-resistant bacteria bred in factory farms, and laced with artificial ingredients.

But this may surprise you. Thanks to the USDA National Organic Program’s failure to close the illegal loophole it created for synthetic nutrients, vitamins and minerals, some of the vitamins and nutrients in your organic food come from synthetic sources—including genetically modified microorganisms.

The USDA recently changed the rules for getting unwanted synthetics and other nutrients, ingredients and processes out of organics. So it’s going to be an uphill battle. But worth the climb.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the USDA National Organic Program you want nutrients from organic food, not synthetic vitamins!


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