Syrian Foreign Minister Blasts US And Its Allies As Accomplices Of Terrorism

Syrian Foreign Minister Blasts US And Its Allies As Accomplices Of Terrorism | walid-al-muallem | World News
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem © Maxim Zmeyev / Reuters

There’s no ambiguity about what’s going on in Syria – America repeating the post-WW II rapes of North Korea, Southeast Asia, Panama, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, complicit with Israel on Palestine, Ukraine, Yemen and elsewhere.

Washington and its rogue allies are systematically ravaging and destroying Syria, the Cradle of Civilizations, its origin dating from 9,000BC, using ISIS and imported death squads as imperial tools, trained by Western and regional operatives in the fine art of committing brutal atrocities.

Everything media scoundrels report about years of war is willful, malicious propaganda, literally turning truth on its head, suppressing a vicious US-led imperial project, one of history’s great crimes, millions of defenseless Syrian civilians and valiant soldiers victimized by its rage for global dominance – naked aggression against one nation after another its main despicable strategy.

On September 24, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem addressed the General Assembly’s 71st session. His remarks were honest and forthright about the scourge of terrorism – supported by America and its rogue allies.

“For more than five years, the Syrian people, no matter their affiliations, have paid dearly for the crimes of terrorists who have shed the blood of Syrians and undermined their security, stability, and livelihoods. Terrorism has spared no one, targeting even schools, universities, hospitals, places of worship and infrastructure,” he explained.

“Everyone knows full well that terrorism would not have spread through my country if it hadn’t been for the external support of well-known countries” – America, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Israel.

“We, in Syria, are combating terrorism on behalf of the whole of the world. Every time the Syrian Army kills another foreign terrorist, it spares the lives of many innocent people who could have died in a terrorist act carried out by the same terrorist upon returning to his country.”

“Anyone who seeks to distort this fact must be held responsible for the spread of terrorism and the increasing numbers of victims. Our valiant Army deserves to be commended and supported. It must never be the target of schemes and lies.”

Al-Moallem mocked the false notion of so-called “moderate rebels,” stressing these groups operate as brutally as ISIS and al-Nusra, committing the same gruesome atrocities, defenseless civilians harmed most of all.

Damascus remains committed to defeating them, al-Moallem stressed. He thanked Russia, Iran and “the Lebanese national resistance” for providing invaluable help.

He condemned US warplanes for willfully massacring and injuring scores of Syrian soldiers near Deir Ezzur, facilitating an ISIS attack on the area. “The Syrian government holds the United States fully responsible for this aggression,” he said.

“(F)acts show that it was an intentional attack…not an error, even though the United States claims otherwise. This cowardly aggression clearly proved that the US and its allies are complicit with ISIS and other terrorist armed organizations.”

Al-Moallem condemned Turkey’s invasion and seizure of northern Syrian territory “under the (phony) pretext of countering terrorism” – calling it “flagrant aggression.”

He denounced Israel for its longstanding belligerence against his country, its involvement in Obama’s war, its occupation of Syria’s Golan, its actions menacing the entire region and beyond.

He concluded citing UN Charter principles, “respecting the sovereignty and independence of (all) member states and ensuring non-interference in their internal affairs.”

America and its rogue allies mock rule of law principles, show shocking contempt for human life and welfare, wage endless aggression for imperial dominance – a scourge threatening life on earth.

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