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The brand geniuses at Nestlé USA want your money. That’s why they sell organic Gerber-brand baby food and Sweet Leaf Tea, brands designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers like you. To capture a share of the growing market for organics.

Trouble is, the corporate leaders at Nestlé also don’t want to have to label the genetically engineered ingredients in any of their non-organic brands. But they don’t want you to know that. So they contributed more than $1 million to the NO on I-522 campaign by funneling it through the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s “Defense of Brand Strategic Account,” a secret and, as it turns out, illegal slush fund.

Time to tell Nestlé Chairman and CEO, Paul Grimwood (pictured), and Corporate & Brand Affairs, Hannah Coan, it’s not nice to lie to consumers. So you’ll be buying your organic baby food and organic teas somewhere else, thank you very much.

TAKE ACTION: Tell executives at Nestlé USA that you’re boycotting their Gerber organic baby foods and Sweet Leaf Tea brands, along with all their other products

Post on Gerber’s Facebook page

Post on Sweet Leaf Tea’s Facebook page

Read the press release

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