Technotyranny: The Deep State’s Spy Secrets Revealed (VIDEO)

Technotyranny: The Deep State’s Spy Secrets Revealed (VIDEO) | nsa-surveillance | Civil Rights Government Government Corruption Multimedia National Security Agency Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests Surveillance

By: Rutherford Institute

The government has become an expert in finding ways to sidestep what it considers “inconvenient laws” aimed at ensuring accountability and thereby bringing about government transparency and protecting citizen privacy. Indeed, it has mastered the art of stealth maneuvers and end-runs around the Constitution. It knows all too well how to hide its nefarious, covert, clandestine activities behind the classified language of national security and terrorism. And when that doesn’t suffice, it obfuscates, complicates, stymies or just plain bamboozles the public into remaining in the dark. Case in point: the National Security Agency has been diverting “internet traffic, normally safeguarded by constitutional protections, overseas in order to conduct unrestrained data collection on Americans.” It’s extraordinary rendition all over again, only this time it’s surveillance being outsourced instead of torture.

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