Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Claims Its First Victim

Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Claims Its First Victim | Joshua-Brown-Self-Drive-Car-Tragedy | Science & Technology

(The Real Agenda News) While many people ponder whether a rise of the machines will happen and whether humans will be threatened by it, many others are questioning the safety of artificial intelligence and its different applications.

Self-driving cars, which depend solely on flawless technology to supposedly keep us safe, is far from being such a thing. Countless accidents have been caused by self-driving cars during tests that were conducted both in testing facilities and on city streets and state roads.

None of those tests, however, had caused humans to be hurt or die as a consequence of a self-driving car malfunctioning. Until now.

Self-driving cars are part of a kind of technology that needs to be improved exponentially before it can be thought about as an alternative to humans driving themselves on highways and local roads.

The first victim of a self-driving car was Joshua Brown, who was known for sharing videos of his Tesla vehicle while on autopilot. At 45 years of age, Brown used to drive a Tesla model S, until he died during a collision with a truck in Florida.

Apparently, the autopilot car went under the trailer of a truck. According to witness accounts, including that of the truck driver, the Tesla was going at high speed on the highway and did not stop.

After colliding with the truck, the car went out of control until it crashed into a fence. The driver, who was inside the vehicle using the self-driving feature was killed during the accident.

Brown, a fan of technology, was very popular on YouTube for constantly sharing videos demonstrating the virtues of his Tesla. He used to record the experience of driving a car on autopilot from the driver’s seat but without grabbing the steering wheel.

Brown came to defend his Tesla as he said it prevented accidents. “I am very surprised how quickly it learns. Each time it does it better on twisty roads, gradually decelerating to reach the right speed. It’s not precipitated at the exits,” he wrote in a commentary.

Tesla, one of the companies that offers self-driving cars, has already said it regrets the accident via an official statement.

“We are more than saddened by his loss. He was a friend of Tesla and the whole electric car community. He gave his life for innovation and the promise that we maintain as our mission at Tesla. We want to show our sympathy to his family and friends.”

Tesla also argued that it was the first fatal accident in 209 million kilometers with the autopilot feature activated. The company insists that the figure is much better than those recorded when a human is driving since there is one death every 96 million kilometers driven by a self-controlled car.

It may not be so simple to understand for the Brown family and to many more people who still doubt the safety that a self-driving car provides. In addition to costing $76,000 and above, the S model may also cost the life of a loved one.

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