Textbook Disinformation: “Weather Studies”

Textbook Disinformation: "Weather Studies" | Kid-and-Cloud-Chartw180 | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Environment Eugenics & Depopulation Parental Rights Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News Weather Modification As astonishing as it may sound, we are witnessing a full-blown disinformation/re-education campaign against the children of the United States. They are being taught that chemical aerosols (geoengineering/”chemtrails”) being sprayed from jets are “harmless water vapor”.

This disinformation campaign poses profound implications.

First, it clearly demonstrates that the government fully intends to continue spraying for a long time. They are conditioning your children to believe that these chemical/metallic aerosols are “harmless” so they won’t protest, resist, or otherwise oppose the spraying when they grow up.

Second, a disinformation campaign of this scale reveals the alarming reality that we are witnessing the implementation of a plan that was set in motion years ago. This plan—to kill off a significant portion of the population—is being sold to the public as being for “the greater good of mankind”.

Textbook Disinformation: "Weather Studies" | Frederick-Henry-Osborn | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Environment Eugenics & Depopulation Parental Rights Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News Weather Modification “Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under another name than eugenics.” — Frederick Henry Osborn, 1937; Popular eugenicist, founding member of the American Eugenics Society, selected by Franklin Roosevelt to chair the Civilian Advisory Committee on Selective Service in 1940.

Why are America’s children being taught lies which cause them to accept the systematic poisoning of all life in Earth? Is it because powerful proponents of global depopulation serve in the most powerful political positions in the world?

Haven’t we seen this before? Do we really want to see it again?

How these questions are answered is entirely up to you.

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