The Dead Zone: Where America’s Greatest Talents Go To Die

The Dead Zone: Where America’s Greatest Talents Go To Die | unemployed-mbasmall | Economy & Business

By: Brooks Agnew |

The Obama administration is publishing nothing more than propaganda praising its own mythical success at creating jobs. If you have a job, you better kiss your employer’s ring every day. We are told by our government that unemployment is at a pleasant 5.1%, plus or minus a fraction or so. Anyone who ventures out during the daylight hours in any city or town in America knows this statistic is completely fabricated. It is a flat out lie. The real number averages 16.5% unemployment, which is a far more impactful portion than in our nation’s history, because this fraction affects rural and urban employment zones. It is also far worse than any administration since Herbert Hoover.

During the Great Depression of 1929, around one in five working age adults was out of work, but this was concentrated mostly in the major cities. Remember, in most cities of the 1920’s children were commonly employed at greatly depressed wages to work in sweat shops so gruesome, that most adults could not survive. Small towns usually had farms, refineries or mines that kept on providing jobs all through the depression. It’s called a depression, because prices and wages fall to incredible lows due to the collapse of the money supply by the central banks.

In modern times, banks utilize a fiat money system that can print billions of dollars every day out of little ones and zeroes. These counterfeited funds are injected into the bond market, shoring up the dollar and keeping stock prices from falling. The fake money is so cheap to borrow, that corporations take out loans to buy back their own shares in a fatal reverse mortgage game that allows executives to cash out without hurting their share price. This practice allows the insiders to escape and robs the consumer of buying power while the donor class walks away with all the money, leaving shareholders an empty bag of liabilities.

With the final repeal of the Glass-Steagle legislation and the passage of NAFTA by Bill Clinton in 1993, conditions for the perfect storm were set in motion. It allowed banks unfettered abilities to enter the securities industry using depositors’ money with which to gamble. With the collapse of Lehman Brothers and mortgage-backed securities, the entire world was sucked into a financial black hole within 15 years saddling the world’s top banks with more than $770 trillion in derivatives. As if matters could not be made worse, small businesses were also choked to death. The passage of Dodd-Frank made it illegal for banks to loan money to startup businesses. “If you can’t find a job, you can always make a job,” no longer applied as small businesses could never secure the funding to open even the smallest venture. Within a few short years, all venture capital was extracted from every town, every city, and every State to a central location where it is hoarded by the powerful central banks.

Now, you probably already know some of the actual unemployment numbers dealing with new college graduates saddled with billions in student loan debt. You probably already know high school graduates have been shouldered out of the way by illegal immigrants who will work for $2 less on the hour. You may even know that nearly 60% of black youth cannot find a job because they live in city plantations run for decades by Democrat politicians who use them as nothing more than a voter stable.

Well, there is more that you don’t know. Degreed men between 50 and 55 have a 25% unemployment rate, or are working one or two jobs in areas outside their expertise to keep their families fed. If a degree man is between 55 and 59 years old, that number goes up to 30%. But, if that man is between the ages of 59 and 64, that number shoots up to 50%. That age group in America is known as the dead zone.

Men between the ages of 59 and 64 are most likely to have their first major health problem. The unemployed male in the dead zone has no health insurance, which means they are very likely to be first to die due to lack of quality healthcare being made available. The “Self Pay,” adult male will often be made to wait 90 days or more for an appointment for something as basic as blood pressure medication. They are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare because they are too young. They are deleted from the job market, because they are too old. Obamacare costs employers too much for employees over the age of 59. These highly experienced, healthy, degreed professionals have been forced into the dead zone by the Obama Administration.

The dead zone in America encompasses the greatest brain trust this world has ever known. Clean energy technologies, medical breakthroughs, and training expertise are all lost by design. These are the most successful problem solvers in history, but without money, they cannot help us. Without health care, they are likely going to die. They only want to know one thing. When does the revolution begin? When is someone going to step forward and enforce the law?

Brooks Agnew is the host of X-Squared Radio and a 7-Time Amazon best-selling author.

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