The Government’s War On Parental Rights

Recent developments have proven to be an arduous battle for parents that wish to raise their children as they see fit and to determine which, if any, allopathic medical treatments their children become subjected to. Many of the cases that I have covered through my journalistic efforts through blogs and my five day a week radio program on Natural News Radio (1)have concerned me greatly as I see the fight coming to a thunderous and sometimes outright scandalous outcome.

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Of the many examples that I could raise for this article, none seem to be as blatant as the vaccine issues that concern so many parents today. In late 2011, the California Senate passed and Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 499 (2) which allowed young children as young as 12 to “consent” to vaccinations that reportedly inoculate against sexually transmitted diseases such as Hep B and HPV. This Bill will also allow children to consent to any new vaccine that comes on the market in the future that has a purported effect on STDs, thus giving the pharma industry even more reason to bring dangerous and untested vaccines to market.

The war on parental Rights in this case is despicable and dangerous to say the least. How can a child, as young as twelve decide for themselves, the risks and benefits regarding these vaccines? Have they visited the Sane Vax Inc. website (3) and read the multiple accounts of injuries associated with the Gardacil and Cerverix vaccines? Have they discussed these life and death issues with anyone other than a pharma controlled Dr. or school employee prior to making their decision?

The scariest aspect of this particular Bill being signed would be the adverse reactions that are numerous concerning the HPV vaccines and the parents would have no clue that these side effects are a direct result of the recent vaccination of their minor child. This is a boon to the pharma industry however, for the simple fact that this will ensure that even fewer VAERS Reports are submitted (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) to Health and Human Services and the FDA.

Another, more recent assault on parental rights is California Bill AB 2109 which is currently sitting on Gov. Brown’s desk awaiting his signature (4) and its sister Bill recently passed in Washington State that requires parents to seek the “approval” of a medical doctor before declaring a religious, philosophical or personal belief exemption from vaccines for their minor children. That’s right, citizens of California will soon be required to ask a medical doctor to substantiate and approve their religious beliefs! This is a direct assault on the first amendment to the Constitution and the rights of the parents to dictate their children’s care. After a cursory glance at medical school curriculum, it has come to this reporters attention that theological studies are not on the subject list of any major medical educational protocols and therefore ensures that these Bills fly in the face of anything that even remotely makes sense.

West Virginians are currently one of only two states that only allow medical exemptions at this time (Mississippi being the other) and they are in a battle to demand another option to vaccination exemptions and sadly enough, they are currently fighting for a Bill similar to what Californians are fighting against! You must know that it is a sad day indeed when parents of a sovereign state are asking to get permission from a medical doctor to declare a “religious” vaccine exemption!

The medical tyranny gets no less apparent when discussing childhood cancer and the medical establishment’s antiquated treatment structure of Cut, Poison, Burn (5) that refuses to acknowledge alternative treatments that seem to offer a far greater success rate than these torturous tools of the allopathic trade. Numerous reports of states taking children from their parents for seeking out these alternative treatments in recent years have become a symbol of the tyrannical nature and evil marriage between government and the medical industrial complex.

Recently I reported on the case of 9 year old Selena Mathews (6) whose father is a licensed pharmacist who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The father was told that little Selena would have to undergo chemotherapy with a drug that offered only a 20% cure rate. Faced with the sickening decision of allowing his daughter to be subjected to a therapy that had an 80% chance of killing his daughter, Jay Mathews decided to go with treatment options that he decided offered his young daughter a more favorable chance of surviving.

For this, Jay Mathew’s daughter was taken from him by the state of Illinois (DCFS) and was informed that his daughter would receive 7 months of chemo despite the fact that the tumor was removed by an alternative physician prior to the removal of his rights to his daughter’s medical treatment and custody. From everything that I have witnessed regarding this case, it is my humble opinion that Rush Hospital and the attending oncologist have decided to make an example of Jay Mathews for seeking alternative therapies at the risk of his daughter’s life. Mr. Mathews has asked repeatedly to allow him to take his daughter to another hospital for treatment and has been refused his rights.

When the state or federal governments can decide what is “in the best interest of the children” in these cases, what is next? Given the secular nature of modern government, will it soon become “child abuse” to send your children to religious schools? Will they decide that the legal, licensed firearm in your home constitutes child endangerment? Before you decide that “in these cases” it’s alright for government to take control of the situation, you had better remember that your personal beliefs might be next.

All Americans should stand together despite differences of opinions on specific issues and demand that governments from the local level to the federal level leave our parental rights in tact! If these types of laws and abusive acts are allowed to continue, it is only a matter of time before your personal beliefs, whatever they might be, are targeted. Will there be anyone left to fight for you and your children?

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