The Great Global Warming Swindle (VIDEO)

The Great Global Warming Swindle (VIDEO) | center_image-300x181 | Agenda 21 Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Environment EPA Global Bankster Takeover Global Warming Fraud Globalism Government Control Government Corruption Illuminati Multimedia New World Order Propaganda United Nations Weather Modification The film, The Great Global Warming Swindle, came out despite the efforts of supporters the theory of global warming trying to prevent this film’s release. The film made a humble stab at suggesting some possible answers, but there was limited space for these bigger questions. The whole global warming alarm raises serious issues about the way science functions, about the political bias of scientists, about censorship within the scientific community itself, about the routine practice of scientists drawing false or inflated conclusions from ambiguous or uncertain data, about the manifest failure of the peer review process, about the extraordinary unwillingness of scientists who have invested time and reputation in a particular theory to consider evidence which directly contradicts it, about the elevation of speculation (models) to the level of solid data, and much else besides.

The manipulation of global warming comes directly from the United Nations desire to create a world-wide panic that will result in the furtherance of their Global Governance agenda. So far, global warming is meeting that objective. This film shows the actual science, unbiased by the public opinion of the global warming as fact (without scientific data to substantiate this claim). The scare over man made global warming may prove to be the first great example in the modern Western world, when science was betrayed by scientists themselves.


Why have journalists been so craven or biased?

How has a theory which demonstrably lacks really solid supporting evidence become an indisputable fact?

What of the impressive, much talked about scientific ‘consensus’ which is used to forestall any awkward questions about the evidence?

Science and scientists cannot always rise above the prejudices of their class and of their age.

The selection and handling of evidence often reflects these prejudices. The most highly qualified and respected scientists can be blind to obvious deficiencies in a theory, and will be dismissive of evidence when it undermines what they want to believe.

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