The Impact Of Ageing On Self Confidence

The Impact Of Ageing On Self Confidence | elderly-woman | News And Opinions

Ageing is a fact of life, but it can still have adverse effects on our self-confidence and how we see ourselves as a whole. From health problems to a degeneration of lifestyle, there are a number of various issues that we might find ourselves having to face. While we can opt for a hair transplant if we begin to lose our hair, or visit a doctor for the aches and pains we may feel in our joints, understanding the effect that this can have on our self-confidence is important. Here, we’re taking a further look at the impact of aging on self-confidence.


How we look might not be the most important part of life, but as we age, we can find ourselves having to cope with wrinkles, fine lines and hair loss that can all have an adverse effect on our confidence. Whilst the world is full of non-invasive surgeries to improve problem areas if you choose to opt for this route, however with a good diet, exercise and effective skincare, you can at least feel more youthful for longer. As cliché as it may be, it truly is the inside that counts.


Respiratory issues, nervous system faults, cardiovascular diseases – they are all scary things, and while not everyone will face them as they grow older, the fear and worry alone can have an effect on our self-confidence regardless. Similarly, loss of hearing, deteriorating sight and cognitive changes are all issues that we may have to face as we age, but it’s important to remember that help is available, and you should never be ashamed to ask for it.

Losing A Partner Or Loved One

As we grow older, so do our loved ones, and unfortunately, this means that we need to deal with loss. Losing a loved one to old age can take a knock on our confidence, especially when it’s a partner that we may have been living with. The change in lifestyle, grief, and loneliness alone can all give an almighty knock to our self-confidence, but while this is certainly a subject to be approached with care, there is plenty of support available to grieving loved ones when needed.


Retiring is a lifestyle change that some take on a lot more easily than others. Some may be ready to retire, and approach the opportunity with open arms, but for some the complete opposite can happen. When we retire, we can find ourselves suddenly at a loss on what to do. Loneliness and a feeling of separation from the world is common and for some retirees, just getting outside isn’t quite enough or they might not be able to at all. Taking advantage of the free time is a must for retirees where possible, even if it’s finally taking that much-deserved holiday you’ve been planning for years!


Pensions and retirement funds aren’t always as hefty as some of us might think, and with no regular income from work, retirees can find themselves lacking much-needed money. Owning your own property and having savings will set you on the right track initially, but for those that aren’t as lucky, financial woes can have a huge effect on your self-confidence. Embarrassment to talk about it can also be common, but support groups and talking to your family about your struggles can make a world of difference to how you cope in a financial emergency or times of hardship.

Ageing as a whole is a stressful experience for most. From changing looks and increased health issues, to financial worries and dealing with retirement, there’s a lot to cope with, but with the right support and plenty of preparation, getting through the tougher times doesn’t need to be as stressful as it might seem – remember, there’s no shame in seeking help and support when it’s needed.

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