Does Trump Now Accept the Phony Russian Hacking Claim?

Does Trump Now Accept the Phony Russian Hacking Claim? | donald-trump3 | Politics Propaganda Trump

Since his Friday intelligence briefing, he hasn’t refuted his earlier assessment, debunking the notion. I check his tweets daily to see what he’s saying.

No Russian hacking occurred. No evidence proves it. Yet on Fox News Sunday, his incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said otherwise, accepting the fake news report as factual.

Was he speaking for himself alone? Or was he also stating what Trump now believes? The president-elect hasn’t said either way since Friday so it’s unknown.

I tweeted him a number of times, this morning, saying: Hopefully you don’t now buy the Russian hacking fake news story. Information was leaked, not hacked, Russia uninvolved.

According to Priebus, he wants an intelligence community assessment on what should be done. Unknown actions may follow depending on what he decides.

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray acted as an intermediary between one or more Democrat party insiders, passing on leaked DNC and John Podesta emails to WikiLeaks.

Interviewed on RT (Russia Today), he called Friday’s intelligence community report “hilarious…devoid of evidence.”

“When I saw the report the other night I genuinely believed that was The Daily Mash or some other humorous site that had done a spoof,” he explained.

“It seems such a mockery of what we’ve had, which is weeks and weeks of assertion without evidence. And it was so totally devoid of evidence, that I thought it must be a joke.”

Its “assertions…are factually untrue.” Its contents are “built on nothing.”

“The report asserts, for example, that President Putin must have ordered the hacking. It doesn’t say that the hacking of the election or influencing actually happened.”

“But it says: ‘If it happened, he must have ordered it.’ And as evidence, it gives the fact that after the election, Russia did not question the validity of the election process and that it in some way supposes that Putin ordered that the process be hacked. It is nonsense.”

It’s intentionally provocative, wanting Trump’s election delegitimized, adversarial relations toward Russia continued, increasing the risk of US-initiated confrontation.

Murray correctly said a report this obviously fabricated could only have been issued, knowing Western media would support it unquestionably.

No sensible person would buy the rubbish in it. Media scoundrels accepting it are the same ones buying phony accusations about nonexistent Saddam’s WMDs in the run-up to US-led aggression, the same ones one-sidedly supporting Hillary, the same ones still bashing Trump.

What it all comes down to is wanting America’s imperial agenda continued – responsible for endless wars on humanity at home and abroad.

Heavy pressure is on Trump to maintain the status quo or risk removal from office by impeachment or more sinister means.

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