Trump Chooses Confrontation Over Diplomacy with North Korea

Trump Chooses Confrontation Over Diplomacy with North Korea | donald-trump-north-korea | Government Trump War Propaganda
America is a warrior state, naked aggression its main strategy of choice. Its deplorable record speaks for itself.

Under Republican and Democrat administrations, it doesn’t negotiate. It demands, using pressure, bullying and threats of naked aggression to enforce its will.

It’s how imperial powers operate, none more ruthless and dangerous globally than the USA. Its reckless agenda for unchallenged global dominance risks unthinkable nuclear war – humanity’s survival up for grabs if launched.

The Trump administration rejected the only way to ease Korean peninsula tensions. Jointly proposed by Russia and China, it calls for Washington and Pyongyang stepping back from the brink, categorically rejecting force, provocative moves, and bellicose rhetoric.

In return for suspending hostile US/South Korean joint military exercises Pyongyang believes are preparations for war, Moscow and Beijing urged the DPRK to freeze its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

They called for all sides to pursue diplomacy over confrontation, to choose regional peace and stability over devastating war if launched.

They stressed the importance of respecting Pyongyang’s justifiable concerns. They categorically ruled out belligerence.

On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang urged all sides “to stay calm, exercise restraint, refrain from words and deeds that may heighten tensions, and jointly make effort for the easing of tensions.”

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry made similar comments. US Defense Secretary Mattis stepped back from the brink rhetorically, saying Pyongyang’s ballistic missile “capability (doesn’t) bring us closer to war.”

Russian lower house State Duma defense committee member Alexey Pushkov raised concerns otherwise, saying:

“The US won’t cancel military exercises near the Korean peninsula. Bush Jr. had Iraq (and Afghanistan), Obama had Libya (Syria and Yemen). Trump is risking having a war of his own – the Korean one.”

On July 5, neocon US UN envoy Nikki Haley tweeted “(t)ime is short. Action is required. The world is on notice…If we fail to act in a serious way, there will be a different response.”

China’s’ Global Times (GT) said Beijing “should not be held hostage (to US interests) in an effort to solve (the North Korean) hot-button issue.”

China alone can’t do it unilaterally. Washington threatened Pyongyang with military action for years – a counterproductive tactic, encouraging its government to pursue military deterrents.

Tough sanctions achieve nothing. Beijing and Washington need to work together cooperatively “to find a solution” to the North Korean issue – short of confrontation and belligerence, GT stressed.

China is “steady and consistent” in bilateral and multilateral relations. It doesn’t yield to “unreasonable demands of others.”

Beijing urged all sides to step back from the brink on North Korea. America has yet to act responsibly on this issue, choosing provocative bluster and actions instead.

Is war on the Korean peninsula Trump’s next option? Will he preemptively launch potentially catastrophic nuclear confrontation?

Will he recklessly risk conflict with Russia and China over the North Korea issue?

Will he rashly endanger the lives of millions of East Asians? Will he squeeze the nuclear trigger instead of showing restraint?

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