Trump Wants Funding for Iraq and Syria Bases

Trump Wants Funding for Iraq and Syria Bases | us-military-base | Military Sleuth Journal Trump War Propaganda World News
US combat forces came to both countries to stay – flagrantly illegal in Syria, likely approved by pro-Western puppet rule in Iraq, devastating for the people of both countries.

US Operation Inherent Resolve was established to support ISIS and other terrorist groups, not combat the former as claimed. According to its commander General Stephen Townsend:

“The Iraqi government has expressed an interest in having the US forces and coalition forces remain after the defeat of ISIS. Our government is equally interested in that.”

Bashar al-Assad calls US forces in Syria “invaders,” supporting death squads recruited from scores of nations, not combating them, he’s stressed. He, his government, and Syrian people want uninvited foreign forces out of the country.

Earlier, CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel said US forces will remain in Syria after the battle for Raqqa is over – on the phony pretext of stabilizing the region.

Washington wants northern Syrian territory territory occupied, along with other areas it’s able to gain control over – a scheme risking direct confrontation with Russia and Damascus.

Trump wants congressional funding for US military bases in Iraq and Syria. On July 12, a White House policy statement on the FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act expressed concern about lack of “additional requested authority for small-scale construction of temporary facilities that are necessary to meet operational needs and force protection requirements in both Iraq and Syria” – code language for intended US occupation of both countries.

Claiming funds are needed to continue combating ISIS conceals US support for all terrorists operating in both countries.

Endless wars in Iraq and Syria continue because of America’s presence and use of imported death squads as imperial foot soldiers.

Defense Secretary Mattis claiming Washington “wants to win the peace, stabilize the region and militarily pressure Iran” is false on points one and two, outrageously true on Iran.

Longstanding US policy, complicit with Israel, calls for regime change in Damascus and Tehran, pro-Western puppet rule replacing their legitimate governments.

All ongoing US wars reflect naked aggression against sovereign independent countries threatening no one. Iran is high on America’s target list.

Reportedly the Trump administration intends expanding US involvement in Libya, raped and destroyed by Obama and Hillary in 2011, the nation a cauldron of endless violence and chaos.

Greater US involvement would make already nightmarish conditions worse. Reported Pentagon plans involve establishing a permanent US military presence in the country to assure US control.

America’s belligerent presence abroad is nightmarish for affected countries. Wherever it goes militarily, mass slaughter and destruction follow.

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