Trump, Gold, Bitcoin – The Demise of the Federal Reserve Note (VIDEO)

Trump, Gold, Bitcoin – The Demise of the Federal Reserve Note (VIDEO) | trump-gold-bitcoin-720x340 | Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank Multimedia Trump

President Trump, and some of the people he has put into positions of prominence, are a bunch of gold bugs and bitcoin advocates. This opens the door to some serious speculation. It is no secret that Trump, several years ago, signed a 10 year lease with APMEX bullion company, that made the security payment with 3 kilos of gold bullion.

At that time Trump stated:

“Well, sadly we all know what is happening to the dollar. The dollar is going down.”

It was true then and as we have witnessed over the past several years it has only gotten worse.

Mr. Trump went on to say:

“I never thought this would happen [making a business deal in gold]. This is actually the first time this has happened and maybe it’s going to set a trend.”

Those are extremely powerful words in the face of the Federal Reserve Note, debt based system of enslavement. I feel confident the people at the Federal Reserve, and their owners, have not forgotten those words and probably has a lot to do with a lot of the road blocks, misinformation and non-stop leaks of information, we have seen by the deep state. The “masters of the monetary universe” hate gold and understand that gold is their kryptonite.

When we reported the fact that China and Russia both have independent and interconnected global trade systems outside of the dollar based SWIFT system the threat to the Federal Reserve Note becomes much more pronounced, especially with people with the Trump Administration that are advocates of alternatives to the FRN.

The initiatives taken by the member nations of BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) to set up a new financial architecture at its eighth summit held in October 2016 in India have recently been under the spotlight. In order to avoid the International Monetary Fund (IMF) type of loan conditionalities and tackle the dominance of the United States (US) dollar in global finance, the new institutions set up by the BRICs are expected to provide a much needed change in the global financial architecture. These institutions include the New Development Bank (NDB), the BRICS-led Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF), and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Source.

Fast forward to today and we find that President Trump still believes the Federal Reserve Note (dollar) is still in trouble.

“I do like a low-interest rate policy, I must be honest with you,” Mr. Trump said at the White House, when asked about Ms. Yellen. “I think our dollar is getting too strong, and partially that’s my fault because people have confidence in me. But that’s hurting—that will hurt ultimately,” he added. “Look, there’s some very good things about a strong dollar, but usually speaking the best thing about it is that it sounds good.” Source

As we reported on July 28 the Federal Reserve Note has been trending down for the past several months only to hit a 2-year low on that day. If the trends continues, and according to several indicators the trend will most certainly continue, the FRN will find a very slippery cliffs edge to fall off.

So, President Trump has talked the Federal Reserve Note down from it’s highs and has set the stage for a strong upside rally in gold.

Steve Bannon, President Trump’s Chief Strategist, is not only a bitcoin advocate he is invested in some bitcoin companies along with one of the premier voices for bitcoin, Trace Mayer. Trace Mayer, who bought into bitcoin at 0.25$ per token, has been teaching people how to use, why to use and describing in great detail how bitcoin works for the past several years. I have been trying to find out more about Steve Bannon’s investments and which bitcoin companies he is invested but I am currently hitting a wall. I will continue and once I find some info will update this report.

Mick Mulvaney, Director, Office of Management and Budget under President Trump, is also a huge bitcoin advocate stating in 2014:

Just wrapped up a Small Business Committee hearing on Bitcoin. I know it isn’t a mainstream issue yet — and may not become one — but it is extraordinarily interesting and something that could eventually influence the dollar and our monetary policy. In fact, one of the witnesses drew favorable comparisons between Bitcoin and Milton Friedman. Source

With a President that understands the Federal Reserve Note is a lie, while putting people in positions powerful enough to impact the monetary policy of the country, it seems the masters of voodoo economics, the Wall Street gangs and their overlords at the Federal Reserve, have good reason to be applying pressure to President Trump on all sides. Do these criminal gangs, currently dictating our monetary policy, feel threatened? If they don’t they probably should as Mick Mulvaney had already been making strides prior to his newly elevated position within the Trump Administration.

Moreover, Mulvaney, together with Jared Polis, a Democratic member of Congress from Colorado, launched the bipartisan Blockchain Caucus in September with Mulvaney stating:

“Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry, the U.S. economy and the delivery of government services, and I am proud to be involved with this initiative.”

According to Mother Jones, Mulvaney’s view of the Federal Reserve is that it has “effectively devalued the dollar” and “choke[d] off economic growth.” While regarding bitcoin Mulvaney stated that the currency is “not manipulatable by any government.” Source

Not only has Mulvaney been a bitcoin advocate he was the first Congressman to accept bitcoin as a donation for his last campaign for office.

Mulvaney became the first Congressman to accept donations in Bitcoins. The lawmaker has been deeply involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain matters since at least 2014. Source

That makes three high level officials in favor of currency that is not a debt instrument sold to the U.S. by the privately owned Federal Reserve System. They aren’t the only ones.

Besides Mulvaney, Trump has tapped several blockchain supporters to join his administration. For instance, Milo Yiannopoulos, the technology editor for Breitbart News and a bitcoin supporter will serve in the Trump administration as chief strategist and Senior Counselor. Peter Thiel, a vocal Bitcoin advocate and an investor in cryptocurrency startup Bitpay has been tapped as an advisor for the presidency. Source

How will this play out over the next 12-18 months? Will we see the cracks in the system deepen with a golden shimmer coming to the surface or a technological “math equation” rolling into town? As the 2018 mid-term elections begin to ramp up it will be interesting to see what role, if any, alternatives to the FRN play and if they get any kind of spot light. It will also be interesting to watch as these three very powerful positions in our federal government begin to strategize for the future and the impact, if any, on our monetary policies.

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