Trump’s Near-Record Low Approval Rating

Trump’s Near-Record Low Approval Rating | donald-trump4 | Politics Trump

He’s his own worst enemy, stacking his administration with neocons, generals and billionaires, filling the swamp he pledged to drain to overflowing, pursuing a hugely destructive domestic and geopolitical agenda.

According to Quinnipiac University’s poll released Wednesday (conducted from May 4 – 9 with a 3% margin of error, not factoring in what if any effect Comey’s sacking had), his approval rating slumped to 36% – barely above its record-low 35% last month.

In mid-April, he was at 40%. Currently 58% of respondents surveyed rate his tenure so far “mainly a failure,” expressing “deepening concerns about his honesty, intelligence, and level-headedness.” Only 38% say he’s successful.

According to Quinnipiac’s polling director Tim Malloy, “(t)here is no way to spin or sugarcoat these sagging numbers. (They’re) red flags that the administration simply can’t brush away.”

He’s losing constituent support, including white voters with and without college degrees, white males and independents.

In April, Gallup said his average approval rating this early in his administration is the lowest since it began presidential approval polling in 1953.

Democrats didn’t fare much better. Only 41% of respondents said if they controlled the Senate, things would be better than now – an indictment of both parties and America’s debauched political system.

Critics calling for impeachment are wrongheaded. If Trump goes, neocon Pence replaces him, maintaining corrupt and destructive policies – as bad or worse than his.

At fault is America’s system, democracy for its privileged few alone, aggressively seeking global dominance, waging war on humanity at home and abroad.

Trump is a symptom of governance by venal men and women, not laws, powerful interests alone served, a system crafted by devious founders, democracy never considered – an anathema notion then and now.

The supreme law of the land deters no US president or Congress from doing what they please, inventing reasons as justification. The framers designed it this way.

Free-wheeling/self-serving politicians operate for their own self-interest. Popular needs and concerns never mattered throughout the republic’s history, with rare moments of temporary change for the better.

Tyranny today is on a slippery slope toward becoming full-blown, fundamental freedoms disappearing in plain sight.

Endless imperial wars risk eventual nuclear annihilation if not stopped. Trump won’t act responsibly, nor Pence, or any other presidential hopeful from either party.

It’s up to ordinary Americans to change what federal, state and local politicians won’t ever dare try.

Elections are farcical, voting a waste of time. The only solution is popular revolution. Nothing else can work.


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