Trump Regime Pressure to Back its Anti-Iran Agenda

Trump Regime Pressure to Back its Anti-Iran Agenda | war-its-coming-with-iran-2-1024x683 | Government Special Interests Trump World News

The US has been plotting regime change against Iran since its 1979 revolution – with no success.

It’s all about wanting to transform the country into a US vassal state, Big Oil getting control over the world’s 4th largest oil reserves and world’s 2nd largest natural gas reserves.

Eric Zuesse explained another key issue – preserving US dollar hegemony as the world’s dominant reserve currency.

Hardliners in charge of Trump regime policies are confronting Russia, China and Iran politically and economically, “walk(ing) the plank for both the Sauds and Israel,” said Zuesse.

On Saturday, US ambassador to Britain, Robert Wood Johnson, great grandson of corporate predator Johnson & Johnson’s co-founder, warned the Theresa May regime to side with Washington against Iran, saying:

“America is turning up the pressure (on the Islamic Republic), and we want the UK by our side.”

“We are asking global Britain to use its considerable diplomatic power and influence and join us as we lead a concerted global effort (for) peace and prosperity in Iran” – code language for regime change.

Big Lies followed, saying:

“(T)he security and prosperity of the Iranian people (are) under threat” – by Trump regime political and economic war on the country along with its imperial allies.

Iran “is spending billions of dollars to destabilize the region” – a US speciality, not the Islamic Republic’s.

Iran “is backing Assad’s atrocities against the Syrian people.” High crimes are being committed by the US, NATO, Israel, and cutthroat killer terrorists they support, not Assad.

Iran “is launching cyber attacks against Western democracies.” Not a shred of evidence suggests it. No “Western democracies” exist.

Iran “is sponsoring Hezbollah…in Lebanon.” Its representatives are democratically elected Lebanese government officials. Its freedom fighters are aiding Assad combat US-supported terrorists.

If the Islamic Republic is “arming (Houthi) militants in Yemen,” it’s legally entitled to help them combat US-orchestrated Saudi/UAE naked aggression, supplying them with warplanes and other heavy weapons, used to commit mass murder.

Iran never “stated its quest to destroy Israel” – a longstanding bald-faced lie against the country that won’t die. The US and Israel very much want the Islamic Republic eliminated, pro-Western puppet rule replacing it.

Johnson demanded Britain abandon the JCPOA nuclear deal. US envoys to Germany, France, and the EU are surely applying the same pressure.

On Sunday, German Economic Minister Peter Almaier said “(w)e won’t let Washington dictate us with whom we can do business, and we therefore stick to the Vienna Nuclear Agreement.”

His remark referred to Angela Merkel’s support for preserving the JCPOA, adding: “German businesses can continue to invest as much as they want in Iran.”

“(M)any companies depend on loans from banks, most of which refinance themselves in the US, and it creates problems,” he explained.

It’s one thing for EU countries to support normal trade relations with Iran – quite another to get businesses valuing access to the US market to risk losing it by ignoring Trump regime diktats.

Separately, US-installed Iraqi PM Haider Abadi shamefully cancelled a scheduled visit to Tehran.

Last week he said “while…oppos(ing) (US) sanctions (on Iran) in principle, (he won’t) violate them and risk punitive action by” the Trump regime.

A Final Comment

Over the weekend, Iran participated in the fifth Caspian basin summit, along with Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, a milestone agreement reached on trade, security and the environment – Putin saying the following:

“(W)e reached a historic solution for cooperation (among) the Caspian littoral nations. This event will go down in history as the one that took place in Kazakhstan,” adding:

“It is a great event we have been heading to for two decades, have been trying to find a solution. And now it is found. Naturally, it will encourage closer cooperation in the Caspian region.”

“As for bilateral relations, our trade is growing, projects we discuss and support are developing. They are Baiterek, energy, transport cooperation, other programs.”

“There are very many interesting plans. I am sure all of them will be successfully implemented,” benefitting Russia, Iran and the other participating countries – ignoring illegal Trump regime sanctions.

Caspian basin oil reserves are estimated at around 200 billion barrels, its natural gas reserves over 290 trillion cubic feet – why the historic agreement reached is important.

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