Trump a Russian Conspirator or Sucker?

Trump a Russian Conspirator or Sucker? | trump-putin | Mainstream Media Politics Trump
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NYT contributor Michelle Goldberg is part of the “cruise missile left,” ardent supporters of Washington’s imperial agenda.

Responsible editors wouldn’t touch her rubbish, irresponsibly saying Trump may be guilty of “Russian collusion” even if he “didn’t personally connive with Russia for campaign help,” adding:

“Perhaps, through a combination of carelessness and miserliness, he unwittingly allowed his campaign to be infiltrated at the highest levels by both alleged and admitted criminals with Russian ties. Such a scenario, however, would not be exculpatory.”

She cited Mueller indictments of Paul Manfort and Rick Gates, both figures earlier connected to his campaign, along with 13 Russian nationals and entities.

Charges against Manafort and Gates are unrelated to Russia and Trump. Earlier I said 13 Mueller Russian indictments didn’t rise to the level of a grade B Hollywood film.

They tried shifting attention from Devin Nunes’ damning memo, revealing serious Russiagate FISA abuses.

They were also a way for Mueller to try unjustifiably justifying his witch hunt investigation – proving nothing but Washington’s dark side, its diabolical agenda, its anti-Russia hysteria.

Whatever Manafort or Gates may have done to warrant indictment had nothing to do with Trump or Russia. Goldberg suggested otherwise – continuing the NYT-led media war on him for the wrong reasons, a sinister plot to oust him from office.

She claimed the discredited undemocratic Dem counter-memo to bombshell Devin Nunes revelations included important information about Russian US election interference.

It laid an egg, I said in an earlier article. Drafted by notorious Russophobe Rep. Adam Schiff, he tried dismissing FBI and Justice Department wrongdoing – exposed by Nunes.

It showed former FBI director James Comey, other top bureau officials, and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein “misled the FISA court,” according to Judicial Watch, adding:

They used “salacious and unverified” Christopher Steele doggy dossier information – financed by Hillary and the DNC. Without it, no warrant would have been issued.

Judicial Watch minced no words, saying this “means there was no Russia collusion story without the dossier. (This) means there could have been no Mueller special counsel without the Clinton-financed anti-Russia dossier.”

Goldberg suppressed what’s most important to explain – attempting to make a case for Trump/Russia collusion, witting or unwitting.

No evidence suggests Manafort or Gates were “Russian money launders (or) had entanglements with Russian intelligence.”

Goldberg’s disgraceful article laid an egg like Schiff’s counter-memo. Times editors published what they should have dismissed as pure rubbish.

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