Has Trump Sold Out to UN’s Carbon Tax Scheme? (VIDEO)

Has Trump Sold Out to UN's Carbon Tax Scheme? (VIDEO) | donald-trump-global-warming-carbon-tax | Global Warming Fraud Globalism Government Control Multimedia Politics Special Interests Trump United Nations


Is Trump suddenly pushing the ‘carbon tax’ scam? Trump knows ‘global warming’ is a hoax to defraud you based on fictional ‘climate change’, but will he stop the fraud — or help rob you?

Trump’s pick for Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson) was CEO of Exxonmobil. Can global crooks keep looting your paycheck based on naturally occurring CO2? Rex Tillerson says “absolutely!”

Rex wants you paying a global ‘carbon tax’ on fictional ‘global warming.’ This United Nations scam refuses to die because trillions are at stake and there’s too much money to steal!

Trump was elected as the anti-Soros choice. He has spoken against ‘fake news’ and the bogus global warming hoax, but the question is, will Trump end these scams, or use them to enrich globalists and wealthy con artists like Al Gore?

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