Truth In Media: Vaccine Court And Autism (VIDEO)

Truth In Media: Vaccine Court And Autism (VIDEO) | vaccination-460x287 | Autism Awareness Multimedia Vaccines

The claims that autism is caused by vaccines have been completely  disproven, right? We have all heard that claim, maybe most famously by actress  and model Jenny McCarthy.

But is the claim untrue? What if I told you that while HHS says  there is no link between autism and vaccinations, the federal government has  quietly awarded families of autistic children damages as a result of vaccine  injuries?

The first step toward truth is to be informed.

The story we are talking about today is something that just doesn’t  get attention from the mainstream media, and on the rare occasion when it does,  the story is predictable. Scandal surrounding a doctor who claims autism and  vaccines are linked. The bizarre parents who believe that their child has autism  because of a vaccine, a claim clearly not based in science.

But is there more to this story than what the media has told  you?

The real story behind vaccines begins in 1986.

That is because it was in 1986 when the U.S. Congress created  National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Now that alone is worthy of a story,  because what most Americans don’t know is that a family who has child injured by  a vaccine, cannot simply sue the vaccine maker. Under this 1986 law, Congress  took that power away from families and instead created a “vaccine court” if you  will.

So what is the vaccine court? It is a Federal Claim’s court that  deals specifically with vaccine cases where families can go for injury  compensation if their child is injured by a vaccine.
The official  name, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (“VICP”). Of course, this program  is seen as necessary because virtually every child who attends a pre-school,  daycare or public or private school is required to be vaccinated.

So what’s the problem?

In 1986 when the VICP was first created vaccine makers were  protected from lawsuit by the public. The VICP insulates vaccine manufacturers  from liability and requires that petitioners bring their petitions solely  against HHS. They may not sue manufacturers or healthcare practitioners. The  rationale for this industry and professional protection was to ensure a stable  childhood vaccine supply and to keep prices affordable.

The 1986 Law also permits the vaccine makers the right to not  disclose known risks
to parents or guardians of those being  vaccinated. Based on something called the “learned intermediary” doctrine,  manufacturers bear no liability for giving, or failing to give, accurate or  complete information to those vaccinated.

In exchange for being subject to the vaccine court, families of  those injured would be compensated through an administrative process based on a  table of presumptive vaccine injuries.

At its outset, 90% of claims were “on table.” But almost 30 years  later, things are very different. Today, the vaccine schedule, meaning the list  of vaccines offered to children has tripled, but the table of injuries has  become much more restrictive, forcing 90% of petitioners into “off-table” litigation. And it gets worse. Because for families who believe that their  children have been injured by vaccines, there are enormous roadblocks to  overcome when seeking compensation for those injuries.

Mark Blaxill is the father of an autistic child. A child who he says  has been injured by vaccines. Blaxill is part of a group called the Canary  Party, a coalition of parents who are pushing for changes to the system through  political means.

Blaxill: The Canary Party is a social movement that’s created to  stand up for the victims of medical injuries, environmental toxins, industrial  foods, the things that care causing these new health crises and epidemics that  we are seeing.

Swann: Let’s talk about this issue of the Vaccine Injury  Compensation Program because most Americans, I would guess have no idea that  this even exists.

Blaxill: Well, the thing that people should know about the VICP is  that it is unlike any other product liability circumstance that any of us deal  with on a regular basis. In 1986, Congress passed a law that gave a blanket  exemption to pharmaceutical companies from any liability at all for any injury  that their products, in this case vaccines, may cause to consumers and  especially to children and infants. And what that did, was that put in place a  liability shield on the pharmaceutical industry unlike any other pharmaceutical  product categories so that if anything wrong happens to any recipient of the  vaccine, what the family has to do is to, instead of just going to regular civil  court with all the normal checks and balances and procedures and protections we  see in the American legal system, they are forced to petition of government to  recognize the injury to their child and to decide on whether or not they deserve  an compensation.

So for parents, like Blaxill, why does he believe the Vaccine Injury  Compensation Program has failed?

That goes back to 2002 when nearly five thousand families filed  petitions with the VICP claiming that vaccines had caused their children’s  neurological disorder called “autism.”

According to the Pace Law Review, in an unprecedented proceeding,  the VICP created and conducted the Omnibus Autism Proceeding that concluded in  2010. That means instead of taking the cases one at at time, they consolidated  hearings for all these families. in the end, the VICP dismissed all the “test  case” claims of vaccine-induced autism.

Blaxill: The original intent of the VICP was to provide a no fault,  generous, rapid program of compensating victims. Now what we have a is a cover  up. And a situation in which the government is trying to say, these things which  people think they have observed, not only are we going to discount it, we are  going to treat it with prejudice. We are going to say…

Swann: That this person is trying to get over on the system, that  they are gaming the system.

Blaxill: That they are gaming the system, they are trying to blame,  they are trying to get money from the government and that’s just wrong.

But there is more… A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced  Brain Injury finds that The VICP has compensated approximately 2,500 claims of  vaccine injury since the inception of the program in 1986.

Since that time, despite the official ruling that there is no link  between vaccines and autism, there have been at least 83 cases of autism among  those compensated for vaccine-induced brain damage.

Swann: The last thing that I would ask you is that in terms of  outcomes what are you all hoping for? Because this is really a fight for other  families, a fight for an entire generation of Americans, is it not?

Blaxill: We are asking for justice because you have many, many  injured children and families that are struggling and they deserve support.  We’re asking for awareness of this crisis in this health system. We have the  worst outcomes in the entire industrial world here in America. We have the  highest cost healthcare system, the most interventionist healthcare system in  terms of medication and vaccination. We have a dramatic disfunction and we need  awareness of that, that we have a problem and we need to shine a light on that.  And then we need change. We need fundamental renovation of our way of dealing  with parental choice, with the rights of consumers, authority in the healthcare  system. Who gets to choose and then we need to find ways to treat and heal all  those injured children and now adults who are suffering from this system.

What you need to know

Is that on the Department of Health and Human services website is  this statement:

“HHS has never concluded in any case that autism was caused by  vaccination.”

Parents point out that while number and use of vaccines is  skyrocketing, the number of autism cases is skyrocketing as well. But remember,  correlation does not equal causation. Agencies like HHS will say that doctors  and medical professionals are just better at recognizing autism than they used  to be and that may be true. But as one parent told me, while public statements  have been made that there is no research supporting the assertion that vaccines  can cause autism, families point to dozens of studies that do find a link  between vaccines and autism that public health officials do not share with the  public. And that families would like to present in a civil court, before a jury,  which believe is their right under the Constitution.

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