Turkish Leader Erdogan’s Hollow Vow To Fight Terrorism

 Turkish Leader Erdogan’s Hollow Vow To Fight Terrorism | Erdogan-world-war-3-ISIS | World News

In late June, Putin and Erdogan spoke by phone, their first direct contact since Ankara provocatively downed a Russian Su-24 warplane in Syrian airspace last November.

It proved a costly act of war. Stiff Moscow sanctions followed, costing Turkey’s economy billions of dollars in lost tourism, trade and investments.

Ahead of the arranged call, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Erdogan by letter apologized for last year’s incident, expressing eagerness to normalize relations – vowing to fight terrorism, the scourge he actively supports, wanting Bashar al-Assad toppled and sovereign Syrian independence destroyed.

His promise proved hollow. According to Fars News, “(i)nformed sources” explained large numbers of terrorists wounded in Aleppo fighting were transferred to Turkish hospitals – unidentified sources saying:

“Several ambulances crossed the Turkish border into Syria’s Aleppo and Idlib provinces to take the wounded terrorists from Aleppo battlefields to medical centers in Turkey.”

“There were also several nurses and medical staff in the ambulances to cure the injured militants on the way back to Turkey.”

“In the meantime, hundreds of fresh terrorists, trained by the US army men in Turkish camps, crossed the Turkish border with Aleppo province heading towards al-Malaah region to join al-Nusra Front to prevent pro-government forces’ advances in the region.”

Turkey continues selling stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil, enriching Erdogan, his family members and and regime officials.

Ankara actively supports ISIS and other terrorist groups, giving them safe haven on its territory, letting them cross freely into Syria and Iraq, supplying them with weapons, munitions and other material aid.

According to the Turkish language daily Karshi, citing a police report to the nation’s prosecutor, “(c)ertain elements linked to terrorists in Syria are still shipping weapons and supplying their logistics from Turkey.”

ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) and other terrorist groups use bases in Turkey to train new recruits – its territory a launching pad for attacks on northern Syria.

Erdogan supports terrorism. Claiming otherwise is more evidence of why he’s a notorious international outlaw, a despot ruling ruthlessly – no one to be trusted.

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