US/UK/Jordanian Troops Near Syria’s Border a Likely Joint Military Exercise

US/UK/Jordanian Troops Near Syria’s Border a Likely Joint Military Exercise | US-UK-Jordanian-Troops-Near-Syria’s-Border-a-Likely-Joint-Military-Exercise | War Propaganda World News

On Monday, regional media reported large numbers of heavily armed US, UK and Jordanian troops, along with ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists, massed near Syria’s border, heightening fears of possible invasion.

Government forces captured Beit Naim village, southwest of eastern Ghouta near Damascus, Jaish al-Islam terrorists routed.

On Tuesday, terrorists comprising the so-called Free Syrian Army launched a counter-offensive in the southeastern Damascus countryside.

Intense clashes continue. The area’s Tishreen power plant was attacked. Leaked photos show apparent US special forces entering southern Syria, supporting terrorist fighters battling government forces, on the phony pretext of training nonexistent “moderate rebels.”

According to Jordanian media, about 7,400 US, UK, Jordanian and forces from other countries are participating in annual Eager Lion military exercises – the likely reason for reported troop concentrations near Syria’s border.

Operating this close is hugely provocative. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem warned Jordan against sending its forces cross-border.

Syrian military sources said government troops continued anti-terrorist operations southeast of Palmyra to prevent a plan by US forces, allied with ISIS and al-Nusra fighters, from accessing Deir Ezzor.

Clashes continue. De-escalation zones so far failed to deter US regime change plans, aiding terrorists combat government forces.

Syrian intelligence fears Eagle Lion exercises in Jordan may be followed by cross-border attacks or possible invasion.

Government forces launched a large-scale operation along the Damascus-Baghdad highway to prevent it, along with wanting terrorists operating in Syria near the Jordanian border eliminated.

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