Ukraine’s Reintegration Law Authorizes Aggression

Ukraine’s Reintegration Law Authorizes Aggression | ukraine | Special Interests World News

Ukraine is a fascist police state, installed and supported by Washington, using its putschist regime as a dagger targeting Russia’s heartland – waging naked aggression against its own people in Donbass with full US support and encouragement.

The regime’s reintegration law was adopted by its parliament on Thursday – designating Russia an “aggressor,” likely on orders from Washington, its paymaster.

The new measure refers to “aspects of state policy aimed at ensuring Ukraine’s state sovereignty over temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.”

They’re independent democratic republics, refusing to live under fascist rule, nothing temporary about their status, well armed and prepared to continue resisting Kiev aggression.

The law calls Crimea “temporarily occupied territory.” It’s Moscow’s newest republic. Over 96% of its residents voted to rejoin Russia in an open, free and fair referendum, wanting a historic mistake corrected.

The measure authorizes US-appointed illegitimate Ukrainian president Poroshenko to wage naked aggression on Donbass without parliamentary permission.

It allows setting up Ukrainian armed forces’ operational headquarters to control all military and civil administrations in the conflict zone.

According to Russia’s plenipotentiary to the six-nation contact group (including America, Russia, and four key US European allies) Boris Gryzlov:

Kiev’s reintegration law “does not mention the Minsk agreements, or guarantees for their implementation by Kiev. In fact, the path opposite to the peaceful political resolution of the conflict was chosen, imposed by the ‘war party.’ “

“Instead of lifting the blockade and normalizing the humanitarian situation, we are betting on martial law. Instead of political decisions on the introduction of a special status of Donbass, amnesty and free elections – the military suppression of Donbass will” continue.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the law grants Poroshenko “unlimited powers to silence dissent, similar to those of a dictator. It cannot be described otherwise than as preparation for a new war, (risking) unpredictable consequences for international peace and security.”

It spurns Minsk principles, the international mechanism for conflict resolution. It ruptures the Normandy Four format.

Pro-Russia Ukrainian Choice chairman Viktor Medvedchuk said the new law “puts an end to the attempts to peacefully resolve” the conflict in Donbass, adding:

“It’s fanciful, crazy and an absolutely unfeasible set of dreams about forcibly taking back” Donbass and Crimea.

On Friday, Russia’s OSCE envoy Alexander Lukashevich accused Kiev of plans to escalate conflict by supplying Nazi-infested Azov battalion forces with US-supplied TOW anti-tank and other heavy weapons, adding:

“Since the start of the year, the American Global Hawk drone has been spotted at least three times in certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine” – conducting surveillance missions over their territory, likely preparing for escalated war.

Lukashevich called supplying heavy weapons to aggressive Ukraine fascists a “foreign policy of civil war” – ongoing since March 2014, heavy at times, since Kiev forces were routed in 2014, more sporadically, likely readying for escalation.

Nazi Azov militants were organized to wage dirty war on Donbass. Armed with sophisticated weapons, they’re likely to use them against Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters, along with their civilian populations.

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