UN Agenda 21 Planned Globalization with Author Rosa Koire (VIDEO)

UN Agenda 21 Planned Globalization with Author Rosa Koire (VIDEO) | 9479459_s-300x200 | Agenda 21 Environment EPA Eugenics & Depopulation Global Bankster Takeover Globalism Government Government Control Government Corruption Illuminati Losing Rights Martial Law Multimedia NAFTA NATO New World Order Obama Exposed Preparedness\Survival Templars Of The Crown Tyranny & Police State United Nations Agenda 21 is the United Nations attempt to control the world. And they are doing a very good job so far. More than 178 nations adopted Agenda 21 as official policy during a signing ceremony at the Earth Summit. Their means are stealthy and hidden under cloaks of environmental sustainability, city planning, and policies that promise to make each city in America more efficient.

The Agenda 21 goal is to control development and population through the guise of Sustainable Development. But do not be fooled. The purveyors of this agenda have a more sinister objective in mind. And they have infiltrated nearly all the towns and cities in America to have their aims come to fruition.

To recognize these masked agendas, pay attention to these red flags.

Sustainable Development is defined as the integration of economic, social and environmental policies to ensure a reduction in consumption, social equity and preservation of biodiversity. Some examples are:

  • Smart Growth
  • Wildlands Project
  • Resilient Cities
  • Regional Visioning Projects or Local Visioning
  • STAR Sustainable Communities
  • Green Jobs/Building Codes or “Going Green”

Author of Agenda 21: Behind the Green Mask, Rosa Koire joins Jon Bowne from InfoWars to expose the United Nations-led effort to transform and contain humanity.

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