Understanding The Basics Of Agenda 21 (VIDEO)

Understanding The Basics Of Agenda 21 (VIDEO) | agenda-21-400x300 | Agenda 21 Government Control Losing Rights Multimedia United Nations US News

Agenda 21 is a very difficult subject to pin down for average people who have no concept of how globalization works.  This is because the program encompasses so many aspects of our social lives, our political environment, and our rights as individuals.  Agenda 21 and “Sustainable Development” does not just affect property rights, but how we interact with our local and state governments, our health industry, our 2nd Amendment rights, even the kind of light bulbs we’re allowed to buy, or our ability to control our own home thermostats!  Ultimately, the policy initiatives that orbit Agenda 21 are NOT about saving the environment, but centralizing control over your daily life.  Making your friends, family, and even local legislators aware of the dangers of allowing unaccountable UN sponsored commissions to write legislation that subverts the Constitution is a very high priority.  Here is a video that may help you in that effort…

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