Union, Not Brexit, Threatens Peace And Stability

Union, Not Brexit, Threatens Peace And Stability | brexit1 | Globalism World News

Britain’s David Cameron has it backwards, warning Brexit threatens continental peace – calling support for the move “reckless and irresponsible,” risking Britain’s economic stability, leaving it “permanently poorer.”

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson hit back, saying Britain’s economy is independent of EU membership. The union doesn’t preserve peace, and supporting Brexit isn’t anti-European.

Napoleon, Hitler and others sought a European super-state with disastrous results. “(N)o underlying loyalty to (a united) Europe exists.”

National sovereignty is sacred. Sacrificing it to an external authority risks a bad ending. From inception, Eurozone monetary union was an idea doomed to fail.

It includes 19 of the 28 EU member states. Monetary expert Bernard Connolly called the idea a harebrained scheme doomed to fail. It’s just a matter of time.

Combining dissimilar countries like economic powerhouse Germany, tiny Cyprus, and troubled Greece under one monetary/fiscal system courts disaster.

Nations under Eurozone entrapment forego the right to devalue their currency to make exports more competitive. They lose sovereignty over their money to monetize debt freely. They can’t independently legislate growth stimulating fiscal policies.

NATO member states and partners comprise nearly one-third of world nations. Its post-Cold War transformation into a global police force threatens world peace.

Dominated by America, it’s the main source of global conflicts, related violence, instability and chaos. It’s existence threatens humanity’s survival. Perhaps it’s only chance is disbanding it altogether.

Imagine if 50 states never combined to create America. Imagine a world at peace instead of permanent war.

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