The United States And NATO Do Not Want Peace Or Stability In Ukraine

The United States And NATO Do Not Want Peace Or Stability In Ukraine | nato-460x201 | NATO World News
In the latest display of arrogance, and while supposedly attempting to negotiate a peace truce with Russia the EU and Ukraine, the United States has threatened Russia with more serious consequences. Photo:

The United States of America is well-known for its double speech and for holding a double standard. In their press conferences, American representatives do not hold up when condemning what they see as terrorism, abuse of power, oppression, violations to basic human rights and many other sins committed by other governments. But the Americans are champions of using a double standard that applies their criticism only if non-aligned governments do things they disagree with. In private, the American government is as corrupt, as assassin, as oppressor and as abusive as others.

The latest example of American hypocrisy comes from Ukraine. After having aided Libyan terrorists to take down Gaddafi, after having given weapons to Syrian terrorists to help bring down Bashar al-Assad – an ongoing project for the Americans -, now Washington is fully involved in providing Ukrainian Nazi groups with assistance – non-lethal, the Americans say – to conquer Ukraine for them.

While the U.S. condemns Russian intervention in Crimea, which by the way John Kerry believes it to be worse than the American invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan, the United States has assisted NATO to surround Russian territory since the military alliance was created. Despite promising not to do so, the Americans and the other members of NATO have systematically isolated Russia by placing military bases in European countries that share borders with Russia, or that are located near nations that make part of the Alliance.

The reason for NATO to surround Russia is still unclear, unless one takes a wild guess and figures out that the false threat issued by European allies that Russia is a menace to the continent is false. Indeed, if anyone looks at how Europe has evolved since the creation of NATO, it is easy to conclude that while Russia stayed put within its borders, the United States and NATO have expanded their territories by jointly occupying countries that are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Many of these countries, by the way, would be worthless to NATO and the U.S. if it wasn’t for their strategic position around Russia.

Parallel to the negotiations, the United States has not let time go by without affirming its commitment to starting a new Cold War, by pledging to send even more troops to the region. In the latest display of arrogance, and while supposedly attempting to negotiate a peace truce with Russia the EU and Ukraine, the United States has threatened Russia with more serious consequences. In a show of impotence, the U.S. has demanded that Russia somehow orders pro-Russian people in the eastern part of Ukraine to leave local government buildings; an action that would certainly mean the slaughter of those who oppose the pro-American Ukrainian government.

Before the Easter weekend, the United States said that Russia was not applying the agreement reached in Geneva on Thursday, which according to them, included the evacuation of pro-Russian protesters from government buildings. If this is not done, the U.S. said, “Moscow will suffer”. “Let’s see, in the coming days, if this agreement curdles, whether it will be implemented. Clearly, I think it will answer the question of what is the participation of Russia, if they do not play a role here, if no measures are taken, there will be consequences, there will be consequences, no doubt, to Russia,” said Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman.

In his daily briefing, when asked about the American ability to actually reduce Russian influence with the separatists, Psaki insisted that the U.S. government believes that Moscow can change the position of the pro-Russian people in the east of Ukraine.

“We’ve talked in recent days, as the president, and as the Secretary of State have done, on the clear and strong connection we see between the separatists and Russia. So yes, they do have the ability to influence and change the situation. No doubt about that,” she said.

The United States “maintain constant communications with allies and partners around the world in an international front that defends the integrity of nations and the peaceful resolution of disputes,” said in turn the national security adviser at the White House, Susan Rice, during a meeting with reporters. That is of course unless the United States is the aggressor country, in which case the Americans hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing.

While parroting about the integrity of sovereign nations, the Unites States holds a horrendous track record of massive violations to the territory of independent nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, Libya, Syria and many others, where it has not only maintained continuous military and strategic operations for over 40 years, but also where it has carried out some of the bloodiest and unjustified battles in recent history. For this, the United States feel exceptional.

Yet this time Americans are going full steam to “fight” for the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. “The integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine should be preserved,” Rice said, adding that the agreement signed with the European Union and Russia and Ukraine in Switzerland includes “the disarmament of irregular forces engaged in destabilizing activities.” But neither the Ukrainian government nor the Americans who support the terrorists in government are thinking about disarming the people responsible for most of the death and conflict in Ukraine. In fact, the United States announced the shipment of “non-lethal”weapons to aid the terrorists.

The pro-Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine know the plans laid out by Washington and its band of thugs, so the heads of the movement in Donetsk have shown their own conditions to Kiev before they can disarm and leave government buildings. “We urge the Ukrainian government to first disarm illegal groups acting on the Maidan, as the Right Wing Sector, the National Guard and others that they have created. Then we will lay down our arms and leave buildings,” said to EFE Kirill Rudenko, a spokesman for the “People’s Republic of Donetsk”.

American Build-up in the Region

The announcement of the deployment of U.S. ground forces is part of an expansion of NATO presence in Central and Eastern Europe. According to the Americans, this expansion is an answer to Russia stationing of troops on the border with Ukraine, which the Russians have justified as a move to safeguard its own security.

The defense minister of Poland, Tomasz Siemoniak, confirmed the information after meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, on Thursday. It must surely be the Americans expecting the best but preparing for the worst, right? Hardly. NATO and mainly the Americans have been building up in numbers around Russia for a long time, as we have explained. In all likelihood, the creation of NATO is nothing else than a justification to keep a continuous western build up around Russia and even China.

“As Secretary Hagel has made clear, we continue to find ways to reassure NATO allies of our strong commitment to collective defense under Article 5 of the treaty,” John Kirby, a spokesman at the Department of Defense said. “To do this, we are considering a number of additional measures to strengthen air, sea and land preparation in Europe. Some of these activities will be bilaterally with individual NATO countries. Some will be developed along the Alliance” Kirby said. However, the spokesman insisted that the Pentagon “has nothing specific to announce at this time.”

“Poland will play a leading role in the region under the sponsorship of the U.S.,” said the Polish Defense Minister. He also said that any immediate NATO response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, while important, is less important than a long-term change in the positions of defense of Europe and the United States. According to him, Washington must “reverse itself” in its position to back Europe, having announced a “change” towards Asia.

Another point of discussion this week has been Russia’s justified movement of troops at the border with Ukraine, which Russian president, Vladimir Putin has said was a move to safeguard its own territory. According to spokesman for the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, the troops have not yet influenced the conflict in Ukraine. “There are forces of the army at the Ukrainian border, some are permanent ones and others are there as a result of what is happening in Ukraine,” the spokesman told Interfax news agency.

There was a armed coup in Ukraine, Peskov said, referring to the overthrow in February of President Viktor Yanukovych. Any country would take precautions in such a case, he said. “To say that the troops have some connection or influence in the events in eastern Ukraine is absolutely false,” he said. Russia, as a sovereign state, has the right to move troops on its territory, the spokesman added. The United States and the European Union (EU ) had repeatedly called on Russia to withdraw its troops from the border to ease the tension in eastern Ukraine.


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