The Unusual Oral Health Tips You Never Knew

The Unusual Oral Health Tips You Never Knew | oral-health-teeth-dentist-dental | News And Opinions

Keeping your oral health up to optimum standards should be important to everyone, no matter their age or the current condition of their teeth. Whether it’s your tongue, your teeth, or some fancy product that can help to keep your mouth in tip-top condition, there’s plenty of unusual oral health tips that you should know. Whether you’re having braces London fitted, or you have dentures, there are a number of different health tips on our list that may help you to maintain better oral health in the long-run. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the best.

Don’t Use Fluoride

Over time, we’ve heard numerous doctors, dentists and consultants tell us ‘fluoride is good for your teeth’. According to some sources, fluoride can help to heal tooth cavities and harden teeth. However, fluoride is actually a known poison, and it should not be used. In fact, a study held back in 1986-1987 which involved 39,207 children aged between 5 and 17 showed absolutely no statistical difference on the teeth when it comes to drinking fluoridated or non-fluoridated water, and there are several large-scale studies around the world which shows exactly the same. While topical fluoride is known to help harden teeth temporarily, it can have a huge impact on the nervous and digestive systems. Simply, don’t use it!

Using Mouthwash Isn’t Always Helpful

While some dentists advise those with too much bacteria in their mouths to use anti-bacterial mouthwash, if you are using certain types of mouthwash without taking the advice of your dentist, then it’s highly likely that you are using the wrong one. If you are sterilising your mouth and killing off all of the bacteria, then you can actually do more harm than good. The goal of using mouthwash is to have a healthy bacterial balance, so make sure to turn to herbal mouthwashes as opposed to anti-bacterial, unless the latter is required.

Foods Can Reverse Tooth Decay

We’ve always known that diet can help to support oral health, but did you know that there are some types of foods that can actually help to reverse tooth decay? Some of the most proven and effective include cheese and butter which is created from grass-fed animals, cod liver oil and even kelp powder. There are also a number of nutrients which can provide you with help when maintaining your oral health, such as Vitamin A, C, D, K, Calcium, Phosphorous and Trace Minerals.

Holistic Healthcare

While dentists will often advise some of the top toothpaste brands for brushing your teeth, some alternative health options may suggest holistic oral healthcare, such as homemade toothpastes. Interestingly, these can be made from materials found in regular kitchens, such as baking soda, finely ground sea salt and organic peppermint oils.

Cavities Don’t Always Need To Be Filled

When you head to some of the cheaper dentists in the world, they may advise filling all of your cavities straight away, without consideration to the fact that not all cavities actually need to be filled! While some of them will definitely require some help, cavities can in fact remineralise alone and as a result of dietary intervention.

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