US Establishment Figure Urges Jews to Oppose Israel

US Establishment Figure Urges Jews to Oppose Israel | boycott-israel-1024x640 | Human Rights Special Interests World News
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In a Haaretz op-ed, Jewish academic, journalist David Rothkopf wrote on why “it’s now every American Jew’s duty to oppose Israel’s government.”

Everyone everywhere should oppose its apartheid ruthlessness – a universal obligation, not just a Jewish one.

Rothkopf misses the greater issue – the scourge of Zionism responsible Jews oppose, a malignancy fostering ideological extremism, might over right, state-sponsored terrorism, disdain for peace, equity and justice.

It’s a force for pure evil, not good – threatening Jews and non-Jews alike.

Opposing Israel goes way beyond condemning the Netanyahu regime, exceeding the worst of its predecessors.

From inception, Israel dispossessed indigenous Palestinians from their homeland by brute force – 78% in 1948, the rest in 1967, stealing their land, denying them fundamental rights, waging endless war on an entire population without declaring it.

Rothkopf turned truth on its head, calling Israel “the region’s foremost champion of democracy” – a notion it deplored from inception, fostering colonialism, apartheid and occupation, flagrant breaches of international law it disdains.

Netanyahu exceeds Sharonian evil. His regime turned increasing numbers of Jews worldwide against Israel, “discovering…a duty to question Israel’s top officials and the policies they embraced,” according to Rothkopf, adding:

“…Israel…inflame(s) (regional) tensions, and…displayed barbarous brutality in its attacks on Gaza” – unrelated to national security and self-defense, as falsely claimed.

Enacting the separate and unequal apartheid Nation-State Law “demolishes every reason for supporting the state of Israel,” said Rothkopf.

“It puts the lie to the idea that Israel is a democracy by denying full-privileges of citizenship to long-time residents within the borders Israel controls.”

“It creates an apartheid society in which ethnic identity trumps fundamental human rights.”

It existed in Israel from inception, Rothkopf failed to explain. The Nation-State Law codified it officially into Basic Law – the equivalent of constitutional law, contravening fundamental international law overriding it.

Saying the law “in many respects (makes Israel) an un-Jewish state” is nonsensical.

The issue is Zionist tyranny, not Judaism. It’s the curse of institutionalized racism, the rage of ruthless authorities wanting regional dominance, challengers eliminated – sovereign independent governments, Palestinians demanding equal rights as Jews, along with other legitimate resistance, falsely called terrorism and/or incitement.

The issue has nothing to do with Judaism, everything to do with tyrannical rule, how Israel has been governed by all its regimes, Netanyahu’s the worst.

Israel’s partnership with Washington and NATO threatens world peace and stability, an alliance for endless wars of aggression – ordinary people exploited, brutalized, or eliminated so privileged ones can benefit.

Reality is way beyond Rothkopf’s call for American Jews to oppose Israel, ignoring the greater issue.

It’s the obligation of freedom-loving people everywhere to oppose regimes running Israel, Western societies, and other countries hostile to peace, equity and justice for everyone.

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