US Evacuating ISIS Terrorists from Tal Afar

US Evacuating ISIS Terrorists from Tal Afar | isis | Government Corruption Military Special Interests War Propaganda World News

Last year, during the battle for Mosul, Washington opened a corridor to redeploy thousands of ISIS fighters cross-border to Syria.

It’s happening in Tal Afar, Iraq. According to Al Sumaria Iraqi satellite TV, citing an unnamed local source, ISIS terrorists evacuated its Tal Afar headquarters in late July, saying:

“IS has carried out emergency evacuations over the night at many of its main headquarters in Tal Afar, in west of Mosul, after some of them were targeted over the past few days, which left many of its leaders and fighters killed and injured.”

On Monday, RT said a corridor was opened, letting many of its fighters move cross-border to Syria, citing an unconfirmed report.

Press TV said for the second time in a week, a US-led coalition helicopter transferred ISIS fighters from the western outskirts of Deir Ezzor, Syria to another location on Saturday.

US-backed Syrian Democratic (terrorist) Forces aided their movement with artillery fire. Earlier in Iraq and Syria, Washington redeployed ISIS and other terrorist fighters from one location to another.

In war theaters where ISIS operates, America supports the scourge it pretends to oppose, along with al-Nusra and other terrorist groups.

These foot soldiers are deployed to locations where Washington wants them used. Russia believes al-Nusra led terrorist gangs have over 25,000 fighters in Syria, ISIS another 9,000 or more.

Unknown numbers of their fighters remain in Iraq – shifted from one location to others at Washington’s discretion, continuing forever wars in both countries, resolving them nowhere in sight.

In a new article, Peter Koenig scathed America’s agenda, now in Trump’s hands as nominal leader, saying:

“Three generals are calling the shots on Trump’s presidency. How more proof is needed for the world to see that Washington is run by the Pentagon – is a pure military-police state, with the populace stripped of 95% of their civil and human rights – by ever enhanced successive versions of the Patriot Act and related legislation? Humanity at its worst.”

“The venom and evil of our western society never stops to amaze me…The Trump administration, or any of his predecessors, couldn’t give a hoot about democracy and human rights in any of the countries they want to dominate.”

Ordinary people everywhere want peace, stability and whatever prosperity they can achieve.

Washington wants endless wars, control of world resources, dominance over all other nations, and exploitation of their people – a global dystopian nightmare if its objective is achieved.

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