US Hitting ISIS “Ten Times Harder?” A Big Lie!

US Hitting ISIS “Ten Times Harder?” A Big Lie! | donald-trump | Politics Propaganda War Propaganda World News

In response to Tuesday’s violent Manhattan incident, causing multiple deaths and injuries, a possible false flag, Trump lied claiming US forces responded by hitting ISIS “10 times harder,” adding:

“They will pay a big price for every attack on us!” He lied. America created and supports ISIS. It doesn’t strike its imperial foot soldiers.

No know ISIS attacks occurred against Americans – at home or abroad, nor any by other terrorist groups.

None occurred against other NATO countries, Israel, Saudi Arabia or other pro-Western regional rogue states – supporting ISIS and likeminded groups.

US-led terror-bombing in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere supports operations by ISIS and other terrorists, America’s proxy force, massacring civilians and destroying vital infrastructure instead.

In response to Trump’s remarks, Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway lied, saying:

“We have, and we will continue to strike ISIS hard and often, along with Al-Qaeda and other affiliated or likeminded violent extremist organizations wherever they are globally.”

“We are fighting and killing ISIS in operations in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Philippines, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, the Sinai in Egypt and wherever these groups emerge.”

Fact: Just the opposite is going on. US terror-bombing supports ISIS and other terrorists in countries where Washington deploys their fighters.

Manhattan incident suspect Saipov may or may not be “an animal,” as Trump described him.

America’s killing machine is monstrous, raping and destroying one country after another, responsible for countless millions of casualties, intending endless more rampaging worldwide, making the world safe for Western monied interests and their rogue allies, nightmarish for most others.

On Friday, Trump departed for Hawaii, a stopover on his lengthy Asia-Pacific trip, visiting Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

North Korea is the key focus, along with US hostility toward China’s growing economic might and influence, as well as its trade advantage.

Possible US war on North Korea has the world community concerned, notably China and Russia, strongly against belligerence on the peninsula.

On Friday, Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said US Guam-based B-1B strategic bombers “conducted a nuclear bomb simulated attack drill on major targets in North Korea” near its territory.

“The gravity of the situation” is compounded by three US aircraft carrier strike groups deployed in the Asia-Pacific, conducting joint naval exercises, Pyongyang considers a rehearsal for war on the country, KCNA adding:

“This clearly shows that the US is aggravating the situation on the Korean Peninsula and seeking to spark a nuclear war.”

At a Friday press briefing, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said “(w)e have heard statements to ease the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula and others which escalate tensions.”

“China hopes all parties could act and speak prudently when the situation on the peninsula is fragile and complicated.”

All relevant parties “should make more efforts to enhance mutual trust and ease tensions.”

Perhaps the die is cast, US war plans readied. Reckless remarks from and actions by Washington are eerily similar to the run-up to other American aggressive wars – demonizing an adversary for months, manipulating the public mind, justifying unjustifiable hostilities, media scoundrels going along, repeating state-sponsored propaganda.

War on North Korea would be catastrophic for the peninsula and region. Russia and China could get involved, their security threatened by regional war possibly going nuclear.

America’s military/industrial complex controls Trump, hawkish neocons in charge, escalating ongoing wars, deciding what nations to be attacked next – North Korea and Iran prime targets.

Nuclear war if launched threatens humanity, the greatest threat to life on earth.

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