US State-Sponsored Terrorism in Syria

US State-Sponsored Terrorism in Syria | isis | Military War Propaganda World News

Washington uses ISIS and other terrorist fighters as proxy troops to advance its imperium globally – part of its diabolical plot to rule the world unchallenged.

Syria is in the eye of the storm, US launched aggression raging in its 8th year with no prospect for resolution.

Bipartisan neocons infesting Washington reject it – wanting the country colonized as another imperial trophy, another Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, ravaged by endless violence and chaos.

US forces illegally occupy parts of northeast and southwest Syria, operating from 20 or more military bases, according to Fars News, explaining:

“(T)he Trump regime… is dramatically expanding its operations in Syria, constructing new illegal bases in the war-torn country and doing whatever it can to sell (or supply) as many weapons as possible to vassals.”

(M)ission creep…marks the latest example of America’s growing and controversial war for regime change in Damascus.”

“The new expansion is one part of what appears to be a massive US military infrastructure development project in other parts of the region as well, including Yemen, that will see new US outposts built this year on the pretext of fighting terror and protecting America’s illicit interests.”

Washington came to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other regional states to stay. Its special forces infest three-fourths of world countries, many in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

It’s spending hundreds of millions of dollars arming ISIS and other terrorists, training them at 19 bases in Syria alone.

According to military expert Vladimir Kuzin, terrorists in Syria are being supplied with weapons, munitions, fuel, food and other supplies from 22 US regional military bases.

RT Arabic reported it, adding the Pentagon illegally closed airspace over a radius of 50 km around its al-Tanf military base in southwest Syria.

Its mission is to stoke conflict, not resolve it, supporting the scourge of terrorism the US pretends to oppose.

According to Russian satellite and other intelligence, US forces are training terrorists in parts of Syria the Pentagon unlawfully controls, including its military bases and at least one refugee camp, Russian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov explained.

“This is essentially ISIS,” he said. “They change their colors, take different names – the ‘New Syrian Army’ and others. (These US-supported cutthroat killers) are tasked with destabilizing the situation.”

Washington is committed to endless war, not peace in Syria, opposing its popularly elected legitimate government, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing it, achieving another imperial trophy.

Separately, according to Syrian military sources, Pentagon-led warplanes terror-bombed the Syrian Arab Army’s al-Halba outpost around 70 km from Palmyra in Homs province, as well as its military positions in Jabal Ghurab near the Iraq border.

Several casualties were reported, further US-led aggression likely to counter the offensive by government troops to liberate areas in the southwest bordering Israeli occupied Golan and Jordan.

Heavy shelling of terrorists’ positions began in Daraa governorate, multiple locations struck. The early phase of a ground offensive began, two towns already liberated from US-supported terrorists.

Neocon extremist Nikki Haley raged about the audacity of government forces wanting Syrian territory liberated from ISIS and other US-supported terrorists, saying:

Syria’s campaign in the country’s “southwest…violates (the) deescalation arrangement and risks broadening the conflict and exacerbating civilian displacement.”

Fact: Washington’s illegal presence in the southwest deescalation zone and throughout the country, along with supporting ISIS and other terrorists, flagrantly violates Security Council Res. 2254 – calling for nationwide ceasefire and diplomatic conflict resolution.

Haley is a serial liar, a hard-truth suppressor, a political prostitute – complicit in US wars of aggression in multiple theaters.

Like other Trump regime hardliners, she has an unacceptable habit of blaming victims for US high crimes committed against them.

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