US Wants Syria Balkanized and Destroyed

US Wants Syria Balkanized and Destroyed | syria | War Propaganda World News
(image: © AP Photo/ Hassan Ammar)

Russian and US objectives are world’s apart in Syria. Moscow hopes de-escalation zones can be an important step toward conflict resolution, wanting them instituted nationwide, a major turning point if achieved.

Neocon policymakers in Washington want endless conflict, regime change, and Syrian sovereignty destroyed, balkanizing the country part of their scheme.

US special forces and marines in northern Syria, bordering Turkey, aided by US terror-bombing, want the territory split from Damascus.

A similar scheme is intended for southern Syria, bordering Jordan and Iraq, an unnamed Syrian military source saying government forces won’t let US-led Western and rogue regional allies create a buffer zone to be used as a safe haven for terrorists they support.

Russian-language Investia cited a military source, saying government forces intend securing control over parts of the Damascus road to Baghdad – to secure arms and munitions supplied from Iraq.

Former general Mohammad Abbas said US-backed terrorists plan a southern Syria buffer zone, similar to Golan, bordering Jordan and Iraq. Government forces intend preventing it.

On the pretext of combating ISIS, Syrian intelligence warned about possible US, UK and Jordanian forces intending to invade southern Syria.

Damascus is on high alert, aided by Russian intelligence. No southern invasion so far occurred.

Separately, US-led terror-bombing continues massacring civilians in Syria. On May 15, its Foreign Ministry accused Washington and its allies of killing 26 civilians in Raqqa province’s al-Ekirshi village, many others injured, the death toll expected to rise.

A separate US-led attack in Albu Kamal massacred 31 civilian men, women and children, numerous others injured, many severely – residential areas targeted, knowing civilians would perish.

On Tuesday, US-led terror-bombing killed dozens of civilians and wounded many others in Deir Ezzor.

So-called coalition aerial operations are killing noncombatants regularly on the phony pretext of combating ISIS America and its rogue allies support.

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