Vanilla Bomb Chia Pudding Recipe. Superfood!

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Salvia hispanica, also known as Chia (pronounced chee’ah), is a rich and unprocessed, whole food source of pure Omega3. A member of the mint family, Chia is native to Central America and has been used traditionally for over 3000 years.

Due to its high fiber content (more than 35%) Chia seed has the remarkable ability to absorb ten times its weight in water, making it an excellent source of hydration. Chia’s fiber forms a gel that slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, binds it to toxins in the digestive system, and helps eliminate waste.

Chia is especially rich in essential fatty acids. One 15gm serving provides more than 3gm of Omega3 (as alpha-linolenic acid) and 1gm of Omega6 (linoleic acid) in a perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio, making it the richest, unprocessed and fully-digestible whole food source of Omega3.

Because they are loaded with high-ORAC antioxidants like quercetin, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, Chia seeds maintain a 99% sprout rate and have a shelf life of up to five years. Furthermore, Chia seeds are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc; many trace minerals and biologically complete protein, making them the perfect survival food.

This gives anyone good reason to include this into their diet but I imagine you’re thinking “How?” Below is a recipe for an awesome breakfast you can get started with right now so you are enjoying this tomorrow morning. This recipe goes great with this free 5 day cleanse

Vanilla Bomb Chia Pudding

2 Servings


• 1 ¾ cups homemade nut milk
• 4 tbsp chia seeds
• ⅛ tsp pure vanilla powder/extract
• 2 tbsp pure maple syrup (or to taste)
• 1 banana, chopped (optional)

Directions: Place all ingredients except banana in a 500ml mason jar. Screw on a lid and shake vigorously. Allow pudding to set up in fridge for at least 1 hour. When pudding is set, separate into two bowls and top with chopped banana, if using. Enjoy!

Super simple yet super tasty and very healthy.

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Chia Seed Facts

Chia seeds have been consumed by humans safely for thousands of years

Chia seeds enhance energy levels and extend endurance

Chia seeds are 100% cholesterol free, and trans fat free

Chia seeds contain significant amounts or Quercetin antioxidants that aid in reducing inflammation

Chia is one of the highest overall antioxidant containing foods (ORAC i680 pr 22g) — more than blueberries and prunes

Chia is gluten free, and can be eaten by people suffering from celiac disease

Chia seeds aid in increasing nutrient absorption and utilization

Chia is a perfect digestive aid, creating better assimilation of food and excess stomach acids

Chia is a dieters dream, fat replacement, food extender and creates a full satiated feeling

Chia seeds encourage healthy and gentle bowel elimination

Chia seeds prevent dehydration and aids in Electrolyte Balance

Joe Martino created Collective-Evolution 5 years ago and has been heavily at it since. I love inspiring others to find joy and make changes in their lives. Hands down the only other thing I am this passionate about is baseball.


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Joe Martino created Collective-Evolution , where this article first appeared, 5 years ago and have been heavily at it since. I love inspiring others to find joy and make changes in their lives. Hands down the only other thing I am this passionate about is baseball.

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