Vilifying Trump for Wanting Better Relations with Russia

Vilifying Trump for Wanting Better Relations with Russia | donald-trump-1024x768 | Politics
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There’s just cause to criticize him on many issues, numerous ones I’ve discussed in countless articles. Wanting better relations with Russia isn’t one of them.

Though failure to follow through on what I believe he genuinely wanted while campaigning showed weakness, not leadership strength.

So did agreeing to more illegal sanctions on Russia, failure to agree on a summit meeting with Putin after nearly a year in office, his most important foreign policy initiative not pursued other than waging peace instead of endless wars, seizing Russian diplomatic properties, expelling its diplomatic personnel, forcing RT America to register as a foreign agent, stripping its accreditation on Capitol Hill, and letting bilateral relations become more dismal than any previous time in decades – unforgivable on all counts.

Russiagate is a witch-hunt scam to denigrate, weaken and remove him from office, pursuing nonexistent allegations of Trump team collusion with Russia during the campaign involving him personally – despite no evidence suggesting it, or Russian US election interference.

In a previous article, I explained Michael Flynn’s guilty plea amounted to a white lie, much ado about nothing, deplorably blown into a cause celebre in a desperate attempt to show nonexistent candidate Trump collusion with Russia – the New York Times one of his leading antagonists, largely for the wrong reasons.

The self-styled newspaper of record was at it again, claiming “(e)mails dispute White House claims that Flynn acted independently on Russia.”

Who cares other than anti-Trump media scoundrels and undemocratic Dems, wanting him impeached and ousted as president.

What difference does it make if Flynn legally sought ways to improve relations with Russia alone or with a team – the more transition members involved the better!

The Times report tried making his legitimate outreach to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak appear illegal – twisting reality to suggest unlawful or improper Trump team collusion with Russia, despite nothing suggesting it.

At the same time, it deplorably supported Obama administration hostility toward Russia, criticizing Trump for wanting to change things, along with suggesting Flynn’s white lie was something major.

Russiagate investigations never should have been initiated in the first place, an ongoing congressional and special counsel scam, trying to make something out of nothing, a witch hunt with no legitimacy.

It’s going nowhere after months of wasted time and money, yet no end of them in sight.

Instead of criticizing the scam, the Times and other media scoundrels support it – more proof of how they betray their viewers and readers.

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