Wanted: Celebrity Chef To Promote Monsanto

Wanted: Celebrity Chef To Promote Monsanto | chef | Business Economy & Business GMOs Petitions

In its latest ploy to brainwash consumers, Monsanto is teaming up with a major media conglomerate to bribe nonprofits with money in exchange for promoting GMO foods on TV. And they want a celebrity chef to be part of the equation. On August 5, Gawker published an email from Condé Nast outlining plans for a Monsanto-sponsored TV panel on “food, food chains and sustainability,” featuring celebrity chef Mo Rocca. Rocca contactedGawker the next day saying that yes, he had been pitched that project, but before he could say yes or no, a letter went out suggesting he was signed on. “That’s not the case. I’m not involved with it,” Rocca said.

That would leave the job open. Until some other celebrity chef takes the bait?

Gawker also published a confidential memo it obtained, jointly written by Condé Nast and Monsanto, soliciting nonprofits to promote—for pay—Monsanto’s genetically modified frankenfoods.

From the memo:

The Condé Nast Media Group is producing, showcasing and distributing a Monsanto sponsored film series entitled “A Seat at the Table” (working title). Hosted and moderated by a well-known media figure, each episode will feature an eclectic mix of industry and non-industry notables with diverse viewpoints about food in this country. Guests from all walks of life (two guests and one Monsanto expert per episode) will be encouraged to engage in spirited conversation . . . .

That’s one Monsanto “expert” per episode. Armed no doubt with an overflowing kettle of propaganda that he or she will spoon feed to the audience. In a “spirited” fashion, of course.

It’s all part of Monsanto’s massively expensive public relations campaign to convince consumers that the Gene Giant manufactures food, glorious food. Instead of what we all know the company actually makes millions of dollars selling: chemicals, toxic chemicals.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Condé Nast CEO Charles H. Townsend: Stop promoting Monsanto’s Frankenfoods!

Call Condé Nast Associate Publisher Christopher Cormier 212-286-7030

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