War Criminals Oppose Brexit

War Criminals Oppose Brexit | brexit | Globalism World News

(The Real Agenda News) Britain will vote in June via a  referendum that was scheduled by current Prime Minister, David Cameron. The two options are clear: remain under the power of European technocrats and their mob bosses or leave the Union and build a sovereign future.

The same global corporate cabal that has captured the United States and Europe via their so-called Unions, is not about to let one of its biggest prices exit through the back door.

The owners of Europe are pulling all sorts of moves to secure the British prize as more and more people express their desire to leave the failed political and economic union.

Last week, Barack Hussein Obama travelled to Germany and London to push for a fast-track move on the approval of the TTIP and to beg the British to vote in favour of staying in the EU.

Obama was received with hostility both in Hannover and London, where large crowds showed their opposition to surrendering what is left of their constitutional and civil rights.

After yet another failure from Obama to deliver, his handlers have brought out two old, and well-known war criminals to aid them in the effort to keep Europe under their control.

Former president, Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are now joining forces to ask for the permanence of the UK in the EU before the referendum of June 23.

Clinton hopes to travel to the UK to support the permanence after Obama did the same during his visit to London.

According to “The Times” Clinton’s itinerary has not been agreed upon because of his wife’s political race for the Democratic nomination and the eventual presidential race that will lead to the November election.

“Hillary Clinton believes that transatlantic cooperation is essential, and that cooperation is stronger when Europe is united. She has always appreciated a strong UK in a strong Europe,” read a press statement from the Clinton camp.

“She appreciates a strong British voice in the EU,” said Jake Sullivan, advisor to the Democratic contender.

Clinton’s participation in the campaign for the referendum is supported by Blair, although the former prime minister also expects his own contribution to the debate, added The Times.

Clinton and Blair worked together on issues such as the peace process in Northern Ireland during their respective terms, but the most memorable visit was the one that took place in when Clinton attended the annual Labour Party conference in the English city of Blackpool.

The Times said that Blair maintained close ties with Clinton even after the support of the British politician to carry out the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, under the presidency of Republican George W. Bush.

The British will decide in June whether to continue as members of the EU or withdraw from the block, which they joined in 1973.

Obama, who is at the end of his term, was recently in the UK to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II and support the campaign for remaining in the EU.

While Clinton is well-known for supporting bloodshed in places like Kosovo, Blair has also been involved in declaring and supporting unnecessary wars such as the one in Iraq, where at least 1 million people have been killed since the war began raging in 2003.

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