War: The Real Reason America Is Collapsing

War: The Real Reason America Is Collapsing | blood-money-1024x723 | Economy & Business Government Society War Propaganda

Who else has noticed that the decline in the American way of life is accelerating?

Day after day more and more families struggle to put food on the table, to keep a roof over their heads. We are in this situation because we have had successive governments that have totally and utterly failed to invest in the future of this great country. The economy is collapsing because the government supports the profits of a few while the rest of us have to hope for the scraps that fall from their tables.

After the Great Depression came World War ll, both took a great toll on our nation but by the latter half of the 40’s things had changed. The United States, the American Dream was within the reach of everyone.

Kids were encouraged to work hard and achieve the best they could, adults knew there were jobs and that those jobs would enable them to better themselves.

Investment in our country was high, infrastructure improvements and investment in industrial and technological industries secured our place as the most forward thinking and advanced nation on the planet.

Foreign money flooded in as any company that wanted to be considered a serious player on the world stage set up offices in the Unites States, to have a head office address in New York or Washington or almost any other well-known American city was the way to go.

Our manufacturing industries plied their trade around the world keeping unemployment levels low and stability on a personal, corporate, and national level high.

What the heck happened?

The phrase ‘The middle classes are being squeezed’ doesn’t even start to cover what has happened or what continues to happen to our country.

Why has it all gone bad? Why are we seeing so-called developing nations investing in their countries at a rate we could only dream of?

WAR. That’s why.

Successive governments have waded into wars and conflicts around the globe, spending trillions of dollars over the years that could have been invested at home. Our leaders have given themselves the job of policing the planet and that’s an expensive role to take on and it’s a role that has cost us dear.

In ‘the old days’ a government dealt with threats made against it, its citizens or its land. We didn’t send in the bombers because you didn’t like a foreign leader,. We didn’t actually go and fight on one side or the other in a civil conflict in another nation.  We didn’t invade a foreign country unless you had declared war against that nation. We went into foreign countries by invitation of the government of that country or we went in as an invading force.

These rules of engagement no longer apply. It seems now if a situation or someone offends the government (or if they have something our government wants), the leaders immediately deploy troops to force them to comply with whatever agenda is the chosen one, all in the name of “spreading freedom”. This isn’t policing.  This isn’t spreading freedom or democracy. It’s bullying.

But when we go to war, there are some people that profit immensely while the rest of us suffer. That’s the real reason we are constantly involved in conflicts. (If you haven’t yet read Major General Smedley Butler’s book, War Is a Racket, it’s an absolute must.) This article outlines the few that literally make billions of dollars (the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned of in his farewell address) while the rest of us send loved ones off to die, lose primary breadwinners, and watch our economy decline as we’re urged to “support America.”

Screw those people.

Are you really interested in dying or sending a loved one off to die so they can get rich? Are you really going to allow yourself to get sucked into their rhetoric?

Hillary Clinton clearly said at the last debate she’ll cause a war with Russia if she is elected. Read this breakdown of how it will happen. We all know Hillary sold her soul quite some time ago and has made millions of dollars brokering favors when she was Secretary of State. (To learn more about that, either read this or watch this.) Imagine how much she stands to profit from her Military Industrial Complex buddies when she leads us into war again, this time as the President.

And at home, our freedoms are rapidly disintegrating.

At the same time as deciding what other nations can and can’t do on their own land we, the citizens of the United States are receiving similar treatment, often within our own homes and on our own rightfully owned land.

I could carry on with this list – but neither of us has time for that. We both know the score.

The bottom line is, we are no longer trusted to make many of the choices that truly free individuals are allowed to make.

The freedom we have treasured is slowly but surely turning into a dictatorship. We are being prepared for the One World Government so beloved of the elite the politicians and the United Nations.

The country we loved and the freedom we cherished – both are in tatters.

Can’t we do better than this?

It only took 3% of Americans to stand up against the British.

Aren’t there enough of us who are fed up?

Can’t we be loud enough to be heard over the din of the Kardashians and Dancing with the Stars?

Isn’t our liberty more important than Brad and Angelina’s divorce?

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. We don’t need to be dependent on stupid laws that are only present to generate revenue for the already-wealthy. We don’t require permission for every little thing. We don’t need to go invade foreign countries to make them adhere to whatever our agenda in their nation might be at the time. We need to be free to make our own way, own our land without tithing to the government, and make our decisions without having to untangle skeins of regulations to be certain we’re paying the right fees and following the right rules.

Our leaders are leading, all right. They’re leading us right into a war that will devastate our economy, kill or maim our sons and daughters, and turn us into the enemies of the entire world. We’re right on the verge of witnessing the possible nuclear destruction of our planet.

The next world war will be, like all others, for profit. But it won’t be citizens who profit. Instead, we’ll face rations, shortages, attacks, and death.

All the signs are there. If you aren’t prepared, you are almost out of time.

Article first posted at DaisyLuther.com.

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