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Americans now eat more chicken than beef—almost 60 pounds per person, according to the latest available statistics. Most of that chicken comes from industrial factory farms, controlled by a handful of corporations that not only abuse the birds, but also mistreat the farmers they contract with to raise them. Today’s industrial poultry system, heavily reliant on antibiotics, pollutes the environment, and produces unhealthy meat, including meat linked to widespread outbreaks of salmonella. Is there a better way to produce enough chicken to meet consumer demand? Without abusing birds and farmers, without polluting the environment and without making people sick? Yes. Meet Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin. An innovator and a “Regenerator,” Reginaldo has come up with the anti-factory farm solution to providing consumers favorite meat.

The factory-farming, conventional system claims they feed the world. The actual facts are totally the opposite, but they have the power, and own and control that story. That is actually one of the biggest travesties because it defines how we think and invest in a different system, not knowing that we’re actually shooting ourselves in the foot big time [by not supporting and investing in small farmers]. –Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

Reginaldo has developed a scalable poultry farming system that not only delivers healthy, wholesome food and eliminates the health risks associated with chemical-and antibiotic-intensive farming, but also reverses environmental damage and builds rural prosperity.

It’s the anti-factory farm. And it’s the future of poultry farming. Watch out, Tyson. You’re about to be replaced. Read and watch

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