WEF Report Highlights Geo-Engineeing And Brain Altering Technology As Emerging Threats

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Although it sounds like a line from the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the World Economic Forum has published a report saying that the possibility of the worlds climate being “hijacked” by a rogue nation or even an immensely wealthy individual has risen due to large scale and not fully researched geo-engineering developments.

It states that even geo-engineering for what is seen as the common good, to avert potentially destructive climate change needs more research before it’s deployed. Such projects could quite easily lead to an agricultural crisis, damage to infrastructure and global instability.

An example of such projects is the dumping of 100 tons of iron sulfate off the coast of Canada in 2012 to encourage a plankton bloom and to capture carbon. As well as violating UN rules there is no proof that the experiment actually worked and there are very real concerns that the future effects of such a measure could be detrimental. The report states:

“The global climate could, in effect, be hijacked. For example, an island state threatened with rising sea levels may decide they have nothing to lose, or a well-funded individual with good intentions may take matters into their own hands,”

Silly me. I thought it had already been hijacked by those that set up and implemented HAARP. It’s amazing that a report on the need to research geo-effective technologies so that unintended consequences can be avoided does not mention HAARP in its ‘Global Risks 2013 Report” or on its website.

In the ‘X-Factor’ section of the report which highlights emerging threats, the other subject that is of concern to WEF is Cognitive enhancement. Its worded far more simply on the front page as ‘brain altering technology’.

You can read the report here

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