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As we see and expect what life is, we come to the most simple of all conclusions that life must be like us. A Body, heart, physical presence and maybe a soul. Even though nobody can really explain what a soul is. Even the Science Fiction writers stick to the same paradigm and proclaim Aliens as “little Green Men”.

But isn’t life more than that?

The Spectrum of Visible Light corresponds to a wavelength range of 400 – 700 nanometers (nm) which corresponds to Red, Green and Blue as the Main Colors and all colors are made from them. The Electromagnetic Spectrum however is Infinite, as is Life. How do we come to be so arrogant that we believe that all life must be like we are?
Do we define life? Or does Life define us?

All the People in this World do the Same! Eat, drink, defacate, work, rest, make love, have babies. That is how the world goes round.

The Italians are most famous for their spaghetti, but it really comes from China. The Indians are most famous for their Curry, but it really comes from China. In reverse, the Chinese are most famous for their Kung Fu, which was invented by a Indian Monk. We all do the same, and we all do it differently. Nations don’t exist, they are only walls in our Imagination. Tear down those walls, as Reagan said it.

So what really is life?

What is Life? | parasite-358x300 | News And Opinions

The story of this picture is simple.

I bought myself a new DSLR camera to replace my over 50 year old Practica SLR. The Practica made in the DDR was the greates camera I had. It took Pictures precisely like I wanted to and it was solid and had no frills. But, the 35mm Film costs were too much and I took a long look at all the DSLR cameras and choose the Pentax K100D, because of it’s handling and of it’s picture quality that was of the same quality as my Practica. I bought two Zooms, up to 300mm with it.

On that Morning I had some lily flowers that I bought the day before, and they just opened. I took my new camera and I made a series of photographs, from all angles.
When I later looked through those photographs, I suddenly saw a blueish shape that was not on the other pictures. I blew the picture up and the shape became clearer.
I was astonished. It was nowhere on the other pictures to be seen and only four of this series had this shape on it, and out of these four, only one captured it clearly.

This Picture shows clearly what appears to be a head, shoulders, some kind of skeleton, a tail and four feet. Yet, it does not show a contact with our world. So what is it, what can it be? It’s my opinion that it is life. Life that exists as energy alone. It was attracted by the energy release of the flower as it blossomed. It consumed this energy as in “feeding” on it. An energy life form that eats energy, lives energy, because all life creates energy, and also consumes energy.

The original size of this shadow is around 1.5mm, taken with a Pentax K10D at 10 million pixels with a Pentax 300mm zoom. It is already blown up, magnified by over twenty times, and if you print it out on A4 Photographic Paper (which you should) it will be magnified by over 200 times. Yet you can magnify it even further and it will stay the same. The blue shadow, the skeleton – everything looks beautiful. It appears to be a shadow of life, a magnificent moment captured.

What is Life really?

Spirits, are all around us. Is it is a parallel dimension at a much higher energy signature, i.e frequency than ours?
We are living in a frequency range of light (300nm) and sound (15.00Hz), but above that and below that there are other frequency ranges that do exist that possibly can and do hold life in a completely different way than our “dimension”- for a lack of a better term, does. There are only three dimensions (height, width, length) in which an object can be located in space.

There is however the attribute of frequency attached to an object. An object that vibrates on a higher frequency, or “out of phase” frequency is at the same place, yet not attached to our frequency range or “dimension”. We have octaves of life, as the universe follows musical principals. And life is infinite. We must respect that.

Spirits do exist, they are Real. Ghosts, jinns – good and bad, strong and weak – they do exist and they exist together with us in the same space-time continuum. This picture could be the first visible proof of a world long known to us, yet completely abused and Ignored by us.    

I was lucky to take this picture, and it changed my life completely. From this little picture and the acceptance of it’s meaning, I began to understand the one question we all we all have. What is life?

Once you understand that life is spirit and that the same spirit of life is in every tree, in every plant and in every animal, you can come a long way. And when you understand that by hurting someone, you inevitably hurt yourself, then you made one step forward. One simple picture changed my life, for what it represents is an Understanding of Life.

I hope it can do the same for you.

D.W. Major, Zero Emission Transportation

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