Where’s the Outrage and Accountability for Israeli Mass Murder?

Where’s the Outrage and Accountability for Israeli Mass Murder? | israel-gaza-protests-gunfire | Human Rights Special Interests World News
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Two Fridays in Gaza and days in between left 32 Palestinians dead so far, over 6,000 others injured, scores seriously, a third or more from live fire, including from exploding bullets causing serious internal wounds – no Israeli soldiers or civilians harmed.

IDF viciousness was premeditated, the way its soldiers always operate against Palestinians and targeted countries.

It’s no surprise in one of the world’s most militarized nations, a Ziofascist rogue state, children too young to understand indoctrinated to be warriors – unjustifiably justifying Israeli wars of aggression against Palestinians and neighboring countries.

Hate-mongering disinformation fed impressionable young minds calls Arabs hostile, deviant, bloodthirsty, cruel, vengeful, immoral, and unfair, falsely claiming they want Jews harmed, Israel annihilated.

Supremacist rubbish calls Jews God’s chosen people – industrious, brave, righteous and trustworthy, unjustifiably justifying their right to historic Palestine, delegitimizing Arab claims to their own land, based on false biblical notions of Jews as its original inhabitants.

Israeli children are taught reinvented history from pre-school and kindergarten – for some beginning at age-two, almost all others at age-three or four.

Jews are called superior, Arabs dehumanized. Notions drummed into young minds manipulate them longterm.

Military solutions are considered legitimate, desirable and just, a cardinal aspect of Israeli society.

Most Israeli leaders are former high-ranking IDF officers, politics and militarism inextricably connected.

At a time when its only enemies are invented, children are taught Israel’s survival is at stake, facing existential threats. None exist.

Soldiers are present in schools and classrooms. Teachers are retired military officers, especially principals.

Photos of fallen heroes adorn school walls. Field trips for all ages visit military memorials on former battlegrounds.

Beginning in pre-school and kindergarten, classroom instruction teaches militarism.

High schools have mandatory “preparation for the IDF” programs – training and indoctrination to be warriors.

Military heroes are glorified. So are conquests – Arabs vilified.

Ceremonies, commemorations, speeches, military base field trips, and holiday celebrations imbue young minds with militarism as just and necessary.

War is considered natural, military service a right of passage in preparation for adulthood.

An entire population is brainwashed to fight, Arabs considered enemies, notably Palestinians.

Treating them harshly is considered OK, including harassment, home intrusions, stealing their land, mass imprisonment, violence and cold-blooded murder like Good Friday and April 6 massacres in Gaza – high crimes gone unpunished.

Support and encouragement from Washington emboldens Israel to do whatever it pleases, the world community doing nothing to stop its brutality, calling on both sides to show restraint alone – as though defenseless Palestinians are equally matched against one of the world’s most powerful militaries.

Oppressing Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories is an every-day affair, along with abusing Israeli Arab citizens – marginalized, unwanted, and isolated in their own communities, treated like fifth column threats, apartheid victims like occupied Palestinians.

Where’s enough committed outrage to change things. It’s rhetorical alone from the world community, nothing with teeth, Israel remaining unaccountable for mass murder and much more.

High crimes without punishment green-lights no end of it. America and Israel operate the same way, partnering in each other’s high crimes.

Both countries and US-dominated NATO represent humanity’s greatest threat. Anglo/Ziofascist tyranny may doom us all.

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