Who really won last night’s Presidential debate? Goldman Sachs

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Political theater is so amusing these days that it deserves some comment. All across the internet, people are asking, “Who won last night’s presidential debate?” The conventional wisdom is that Mitt Romney won the debate and that Obama turned in a very poor performance, but even that’s not the real story. The correct answer is that Goldman Sachs won the debate. And why? Because both candidates are beholden to Wall Street interests and the global banksters who now influence nearly everything that happens at the highest levels of government.

The recent Fed announcement of QE unlimited (infinite money creation) is, for example, an unlimited, never-ending banker bailout pledge which will destroy the value of the U.S. dollar over the long term. It is a massive theft program that steals from the working middle class and gives to the rich. Both candidates quietly support this program because they’re both puppets of the banking power elite. QE unlimited was never even mentioned during the presidential debate.

Who lost the debate? The People of America

If the bankers won the debate, then who lost? The People, of course.

Nowhere in the debate was there any mention or discussion of the following subjects which are crucial to restoring America to a nation of abundance and freedom:

• No mention of GMOs. Neither candidate seems to even know what a genetically engineered seed really is.

• No mention of legalizing industrial hemp farming across America so that farmers could grow a highly profitable crop that we currently import from Canada, China and elsewhere.

• No mention of solving the health care spending crisis by legalizing healing! Why is there still no freedom to practice holistic medicine in America? Why no freedom to tell the truth about the health benefits of nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs?

• No mention of cleaning up the U.S. water supply by removing toxic fluoride chemicals. Both candidates are perfectly happy with the idea of Americans continuing to poison themselves via tap water.

• No mention of protecting Americans from the runaway corruption and criminality of the TSA, which is staffed by thieves, pedophiles, perverts and people who can only be described as “total scum.”

• No mention of the rapidly expanding police state surveillance “spy” grid across America, with the NSA now constructing a multi-billion-dollar spy center to monitor every phone call, every email, and every facial recognition camera across the nation.

• No real discussion of paying off the national debt. Obama wants to spend us into oblivion by adding $1 trillion a year to our national debt while expanding the power and reach of government. Romney wants to ignore the problem and hope we can “grow out of it” by expanding the economy while spending yet more debt money. Neither explanation has any basis in logic or mathematical reality. Both are little more than “political numerology.”

Enjoy the political theater while it lasts

If you watched the presidential debate, what you were watching was essentially political theater. The deception is all based on what you didn’t see or hear. For example, why were there only two people on stage who largely share the same establishment views? Why was Gary Johnson shut out of the debate? (www.garyjohnson2012.com)

Answer: Because he’s the only candidate that doesn’t want to bomb Iran. That’s the truth you won’t hear on television.

The debates, in other words, are largely just word games for an uninformed public. Theater to make you think that you’re in charge when, in reality, the real power players are the behind-the-scenes banksters who don’t care one iota who gets elected.

We would all do well to keep this in mind as we watch this political theater unfold. There will be more debates, more “platforms” explained, and more analysis by the mainstream media of what Obama or Romney said. None of it matters. It’s all just mental masturbation to keep the masses occupied while the bankers steal everything.

After all, this race is already decided in advance, and the winner, no matter how you slice it, is Goldman Sachs.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037425_presidential_debates_Mitt_Romney_Barack_Obama.html#ixzz28fpAunMc

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