Who’s A Scaredy-Cat?

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The folks who run Safeway (SWY), the second-largest supermarket chain in North America (and soon to be swallowed up by Albertson’s, to become and even bigger fish in the supermarket sea), have joined the chorus of politicians, corporations and mainstream media who say they oppose GMO labeling because it might “frighten” or “confuse” consumers.

To which we say, balderdash. Or better yet, Boycott!

At their annual shareholders meeting last week (July 25, 2014), shareholders rejected a proposal that would have forced the company to label foods containing GMOs. Using words like “anti-scientific” and “fear-mongering,” and calling labeling activists “shameless,” the company parroted the industry line that GMOs are perfectly safe and labels will only unnecessarily “frighten” consumers.

We’re guessing the only ones who are frightened by the prospect of GMO labels are the junk food manufacturers who sell GMO-contaminated foods and the chemical companies that sell the toxic chemicals required to grow them.

Lest we forget, Safeway is a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the multi-billion dollar lobbying group that will spend whatever it takes to defeat GMO labeling laws, and is suing the state of Vermont for passing one earlier this year. (Keep this in mind if you’re tempted to go into a Safeway and purchase any of their “O” Organics brand-name products.) Albertsons is a member, too.

Time to take to the phones and facebook pages of Safeway, and let Safeway President CEO Robert Edwards know that you are a courageous consumer who isn’t afraid of a little label. And, of course, join the Safeway boycott (launched in 2013).

TAKE ACTION: Just Say ‘O No!’ to Safeway’s O Organics™ Brand!

Call Safeway +1 877-723-3929

Post on Safeway’s Facebook page

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