Why Governments are Mandating Vaccinations (VIDEO)

Why Governments are Mandating Vaccinations (VIDEO) | Vaccineprotest | Big Pharma Eugenics & Depopulation General Health Government Control Losing Rights Medical & Health Natural Health News Articles US News Vaccines The pill pushers and injection junks in charge of the new world orders pharmaceutical inoculation division have gone to great length to ensure your compliance when dealing with vaccinations. This level of compliance has over the years begun to decline and refusals of the now infamous injection are on the rise leading to a campaign of legislation in order to maintain a-foot-hold in the dissemination of the ongoing depopulation programs.

Currently in the U.S. multiple state are encroaching on people’s right to control what goes in their own bodies by passing mandatory vaccination laws for both educational and employment purposes. One of the national pharmacy chains called CVS conducted a survey asking shoppers whether or not they would be getting a flu vaccine shot this year. With the results of the poll being that over 50% of the consumers questioned stated they “would not” be getting the annual flu shots.
Looks like all the hard work of spreading information regarding the dangers of vaccines is starting to have an effect on the general public. The elitist will implement more laws to kettle the public into submission through coercion and disinformation in order to maintain adequate profit margins for the new world orders medical death care industry. Keep up the good work my friends, stay healthy and remember plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and love are the real medicines.


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